How to Building Frame a Roof  by steel frame – Amazing Smart Techniques
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How to Building Frame a Roof by steel frame – Amazing Smart Techniques

October 14, 2019

How to Building Frame a Roof by steel frame – Amazing Smart

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  1. Lam mai goi . Lam tu tren lam xuong . Ma lam bang cu cat 27 kem . Neu nhu ha long . Ma keo cua mai nay hoi yeu so voi mai goi . Ma moi han ko dc moi ko dc chung moi vua sau va cam giac ko khoe . Ma mai goi ko nen lam bang hop .toi tho mai ko cao nen lam v4 kem tot nhat . Neu nhu nha co dieu kien .

  2. Nobody in English speaking world would build a roof like this. Do use all a favour and do not post video in english. It is unusable, illegal and dangerous. Good luck in next huuricane

  3. Chac Ong kien Truc Su nay da tot nghiep o Truong Thiet Ke Hang Ma ,
    cho nen, khong can do an toan va luc nang, do ben,khi gio bao va luc nang cua no,
    Vay trong tuong lai se co bao nhieu mang nguoi ,hay la bao nhieu tai nan cho nhung nguoi vo toi ,
    Neu nhu Ho la Vo Con cua ca ban thi sao ?

  4. Nice job. Could you tell me what type of metal tubes you are using for the roof frame and also what are the different sizes of the pipes you have used in this video. Thank you.

  5. there steping in the tube with a small tack only,and without any harness,its danger think about safety guys not the work to finish off.i see many people fall in ground same work like that so be carefull.

  6. Tôi nói Hàn kèo như thế ai gọi là kèo , làm ngoài Bắc chắc làm song chủ nhà bắt tháo mang về cân xắt vun hết,

  7. Thiết kế thi công mái kính, mái sảnh kính cường lực giá rẻ nhất

  8. Chỉ cần căng dây hàng trên cho chuẩn rùi làm cữ hàn dật xuống bao nhiu hàng dân chịu

  9. you not suppose to weld cold roll steel or rebar as they rott. typical 3rd world countries not looking after their people and just fulling their pockets

  10. In the next year, the roof collapses, 4 deads, 10 injuries…. It`s amazing how many idiots thinks that shit is amazing… 🙂

  11. căng dây hàn kiểu kia không võng mái mới lạ .làm chuẩn thanh đầu tiên,cắt cữ mà vào chứ ây zda

  12. Seems like you just glue everything together with welding, there is no structural integrity at all, also the steel frame roof being built right on top of a brick wall is such a pain to watch, might as well put some duct tape…

  13. There's welding, then there's whatever the heck this dude with his sunglasses on and eyes shut is doing…. omfg…. not to mention the rest of the issues!

  14. Yg minat pemasangan rangka atap dari besi hollow 5×10 reng dari besi 4×4 bisa hubungi saya.harga boleh mahal tapi kwalitas ok kuat dan tahan lama dari pada besi galvalum

  15. this video was filmed in Vietnam, where the government never gives a fuck about its people. Almost construction workers are living in poverty, even 3 meals/ day is a real struggle. They obviously are aware of the risks but there is no other choice. Anyway, they are not to blame

  16. You do not weld the truss to the rebar. There must be a base plate resting on the beam. No safety gear, engineering failure. Avoid this kind of building contractor.

  17. Great techniques. Starting with welding to rebar n later multiple cross sectional welding. Fasterning with screws will be the alternative. Much better than timber.

  18. плюсов много , долговечность, с точки зрения пожарной безопасности это рационально. но узлы примыкания с точки зрения работы конструктива не верны . треугольные арки с затяжкой боятся концентрации. Интересно какая толщина профиля если он сам конструкцию поднях на место.

  19. Làm thế này quá tốn kém mà ko đảm bảo.hệ số giãn nở của thép hộp có thể co kéo làm ảnh hưởng đến tường

  20. How do you thermal insulate the inside of the hollow metal studs? Also… welding with and bare hands/feet and sunglases? and people going around the site in flipflops and manipulating recently machined steel pieces without gloves? and I hope those aren't your definitive welds. Correct welds are done in a single straight line on wavy patterns. Those guys are just stitching metal… Also, the joint between masonry and roof structure is just lousy. Nothing smart about it. You would need a steel upper sole to run through the whole wall, firmly welded to the rebar, and set the roof framing bolted on top of that. Any vibrations on that framing will slowly crack and break the masonry. I'd say the owner of that building is going to be wasting money on repairs pretty soon. Come on…. fire whomever was in charge of that site.

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