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  1. My fantasy congress team:
    Brian Peppers
    Charles Manson
    Marilyn Manson
    The Spoony One
    The Nostalgia Critic
    Homer Simpson
    Christopher Walken
    Sarah Palin
    Dr Robotnic
    The King of Hyrule

  2. how to celebrate 4th of july:
    go to phantom fireworks
    get a shitload of everything
    have a lighter at hand
    have fun

  3. There's no point of subscribing to howcast. You're gonna come across at least 10 of their videos while on youtube.

  4. bruh….. fuck washington jefferson and all the other racist dead people on money
    ronald regan was the devil and jesus is black

  5. @bmf1706 i was joking haha but jesus was of north eastern african descent and he was brown- nobody is black .

  6. @megajames3000 I'm sorry. I get a bit tense when I feel someone is beginning to attack my ancestors for racism and Ronald Reagan. I'm not sure what Jesus was, I've always imagined him to be like Greeks look, but again, I really don't know.

  7. @Veternik94 because you're stupid. people don't hate America, they hate our leadership and so do we.

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