How to Change Project Frame Rate | Final Cut Pro X Tutorial [Advanced]
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How to Change Project Frame Rate | Final Cut Pro X Tutorial [Advanced]

September 13, 2019

The situation is this. I am in the middle of a project. But halfway through, I want to change the frame rate of my project. You notice if I want to change this to 720p, the resolution changes, and if I want to change the frame rate, I can’t. So I am going to demonstare how to change project frame rate in Final Cut Pro X. What you are looking at right now is a project I am working on with my smartphone stabilizer. Step one. Go to your timeline. Select all the clips. Go to Edit and Cut. The shortcut is Command-X. The timeline should be empty. Next step. Go to the library panel on the top left and click on the project’s icon (thumbnail). Next go to the inspection panel. Ensure you are in the “i” tab. Click on the “modify” button. You will see the settings that you have set before you started the project. Now click on the frame rate. Now we have options. Right now I am going to change this project to 30p. Click OK. Then go back to the timeline and ensure your playhead is in the beginning. Go to Edit. Click Paste. Or Command-V shortcut. That’s it. Our project frame rate is now changed. So if you have any questions, leave them below. If you like this video, please like 👍and share. If you want more of such videos, SUBSCRIBE🔔! This is Adrian Lee from VIDEOLANE.COM. See You!

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  1. hello , I try to change the frame rate the way you say but still is the same . I try from 60fps to 50fps but the new project stay same 60fps although i change.. any help !

  2. 1. Create new project with new settings. 2. Copy from wrong project to new project. Done. Cut and paste of original is very dangerous imho.

  3. Great video because I didn't know that so thanks! I have an issue re uploading [email protected] (PAL) GoPro to Youtube, it always looks blurry? I import the footage to FCPX using the 4K setting at 50fps & export using ProRes 422. I then use H264 settings in Handbrake to compress & the end result looks brilliant on my iMac but is almost unwatchable on Youtube? I never had any issues with my previous 4K camera which shot at 30fps. Any ideas or guidance would be much appreciated..;-))

  4. I already rendered a project as Prores422 HQ 1920×1080 but it turns out that the frame rates are 23.97 and 23… I used a mix of FCPX, mpeg streamclip, and video caption maker for different versions.. looks like my frame rate is causing issues on the big screen. Do you think my files have the data built in to be converted into a higher frame rate or do I need to remix and rerender everything?

  5. Thanks – quick and easy. I was able to change the settings on the video without a lot of hassle. Brilliant. Cheers Rick

  6. When we clicked paste it converted the project back to 23.98 (trying to make it 25) and when pasting it to a project already set in 25 with clips in it, it plays slightly faster and raises the audio pitch. Working with compound clips… Do you know the work around for this? Thanks.

  7. i have a hero 7 gopro. when i drag 4k 60fps footage into FCPX the footage is 4:3 and doesn't fill the screen. i have no idea why and no google searches have helped me ๐Ÿ™

  8. I keep doing exactly what you say and I read all the comments and I still can't make it work. Any other suggestions? I can't even start a new project and import clips from scratch in the same frame rate. They all just keep the original frame rate when I import. I have a big project with all different frame rates, and I am going nuts. Please help!

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