How to Choose Eyeglasses : Memory Metal Frame Advice
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How to Choose Eyeglasses : Memory Metal Frame Advice

September 16, 2019

I’m Melissa with Woolenton Optometry for
Expert Village here to tell you how to choose your eyeglasses. Memory metal frames are a
very popular style of frame, all memory metal means is that you can take the frame, you
can twist it and bend it kind of like a pretzel and it goes back to it’s original shape.
These types of frames are really good for children or anyone who’s active because
they are less likely to break and they are less likely to bend up and they need fewer
adjustments. They are, the original adjustment period might take a little longer for these
types of frames but once they are adjusted correctly they tend to keep their shape a
lot longer than other frames do. Most are metal frames you might find a few that have
the plastic temples on them and they come in both full metal and semi-rimless, and that’s
just up to you whether you decide, what look you like best, one is not better than the
other. Another thing to keep in mind is that even though a memory metal frame is more durable
and less likely to break than most frames it still can be broken so you don’t want
to go around just twisting it for the fun of it, you want to make sure that you are
taking care of it like any other frame on the market. And then the last thing about
a memory metal to keep in mind is that most of them are made with titanium or at least
partially made with titanium so that just means that they are going to be more hypoallergenic
than most, than other frames on the market. And that’s the characteristics of a memory
metal frame.

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  1. I had a pair of them! and paid extra for cover in-case of damage! But one day it rained and i could not see through the rain drops on my lens! so i put my glasses in my inside coat pocket! when rain stopped i went to take them out and my glasses were broken right in the center of the bridge that goes over nose!
    When i went to the shop! They wouldn't change them! because of where it broke!
    To me that's a Fail of the product! and service.

  2. well if i was to treat them like any other frame on the market, i would hardly need them in the first place, would i?
    because i have regular glasses and i'm sometimes even scared to accidentally get caught in something when i take them off a shelf or something… if i go jogging in the woods or something, i don't want to have to think about what could go wrong if i trip – which i currently would.

  3. @FantasyMindedMan Sorry to hear about your experience, I have the titanium alloy memory metal glasses and granted I know a lot of people like to show how flexible they are. I've had situations before where I accidently sat on the frame and on most, that would have completely cracked or broke off the nose peice of a side of the glasses but due to the way I sat on it, it ended up just bending the frames upwards and went back to shape, so it saved me from having to buy a new pair.

  4. She forgot to mention us forgetful peeps who sleep in them or the fall under our sleeping forms. I chose em for that reason. I've always been rough on glasses. Even at 26.

  5. She's wearing a wedding ring? I guess her husband should have visited her at work before saying "I do". Only a blind man would marry a ginger whale.

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