How to choose your shutter frame
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How to choose your shutter frame

October 16, 2019

Choosing your frame. Measuring and
installing shutters is easy. We recommend that you choose one of our frames when
you order, they are free of charge and very discreet when you come to install.
However, the main plus is that they make installation much easier. Our site is
packed with videos and guides to help you measure, design, and install shutters
that will look fantastic. Here we’ll talk you through how to choose the best frame
for your window. First you need to decide if you’re measuring for an inside or
outside mount. An inside mount means your shutters will sit inside the window
recess, either at the front of the recess like this, or tied up to the window like
this. A Z frame is the best frame to use when you’re installing at the front of
the recess. It wraps neatly around the front of the recess and means your
shutters can fold back 180 degrees against the side wall. An L frame looks
like this, it is really flexible as you can position it in virtually any
position inside the recess. It’s also the frame we recommend using for bay windows
like our box bays and angled bays, like these. If your windows don’t have a
recess, an outside mount is just as easy to measure, you can measure to mount
either directly on to your wall or window frame or architrave. There are two
main frames we recommend using, an L frame can be mounted directly onto the
wall like this but works just as well placed to an architrave like this.
Another option is our deco frame which sits like this and works well if you
want to create the look of an architrave or molding around your window. If you’re
in any doubt about this installation type or which frame works best for your
window make sure you call us. Better still email a photo of your window, we’ll
mark your photo and send it back showing exactly where to measure and which frame
to use. The end result: shutters that look so good you won’t believe you’ve done it

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