How to Clean and Reclaim Screen Printing Frames for Reuse
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How to Clean and Reclaim Screen Printing Frames for Reuse

October 10, 2019

hey everybody its Matt with Mikey Designs & Silk Screen and today what I’m going to show you is
how to take a screen like this that’s been used in production and I’m going to
show you how to reclaim it and so that way you can use it again for another job
yeah I’ll take you step by step and show you how to reclaim it
okay so let’s zoom in and take a close-up at what we got going on here
okay okay everybody here we are at the washout boot the first step you want to
do is remove your screen take this water go ahead and toss it away now that you
got your screen tape off you want to take your ink wash and go ahead and hose
your frame down and your screen on both sides apply a generous amount I’m gonna leave my masking tape there
just and why here love it now I’m gonna take my heat brush my dedicated eating
brush I’m gonna give it a bit of a rinse here just in some of the ink out I’m
gonna scrub the frame edges and the frame nuts down right let the egg wash giveth job and
right now me the inks uh can be washed now I’m gonna go ahead and rinse off the
ink we have to excuse the noise in the
background we’ve got a garage shop and you work during the day sometimes you’re
your neighbors have you know a reroofing roof job going on next door
door so anyways so I’m gonna go ahead and this is my motion we’re going to go
ahead and hose this down real good I want to put a generous amount I could
use a little more you mulciber in my bottle but when they get work for this
video okay now I’m gonna take my motion remover breath the other side now I’m not playing
applying a whole lot of pressure is really letting the most remember disgust
you’ll notice on the edges premier your scoop cutter that there be a little more
build-up so you have to work those areas one more I think my masking tapes just falling
off now okay now we’re going to take our power washer and work from the inside
but normally you got your buildup of emulsion on the garment side we’re gonna
start from the inside start at the bottom and work our way up it’s that way
if you start at the top you would rinse all your emulsion and remover off not
allowing it to sit there and work at it so we’re gonna start at the bottom remember to get your frame at the studio I’m going to flip it around get the
other side of rent the time to run from the top cause rolling the rinse it out
now okay now it’s nice and washed out we’re
going to take a little bit of degreaser here I don’t have spray ball for this so
I’m just going to go ahead and pour it on I’m gonna take my dedicated brush get a
little bit of water environmentally friendly chemicals that are drain safe
and septic safe so now I’m gonna go ahead and blow this out last but not least I’m gonna give it a
good shower what you want to do is give it a good cheating of water so that way
you’re getting all the chemicals off the battery rinses the better chance
you’re going to have no chemical paint on they’re not having any problems when
it comes to putting motion on your story okay
we’re all rinsed off and now it’s ready to put it to some kind it’s ready it’s
time to put it into the dry grip okay let’s go okay so that’s how you reclaim
the screen I put the screen in this drying rack and I hope that was helpful
to some of you out there some of you screen printers or maybe even planes
coming to my site just wondering how screen printing works and maybe this
will give you a glimpse into what it all takes to to screen print your t-shirts
so if you have any questions feel free to ask you can go to WMAQ science comm
where you go to my facebook page facebook forward slash mikey designs and
or if you have a comment you can post it in the comments on the YouTube video and
give my video a like and please subscribe and I hope you join in for
some more videos and we really appreciate you stopping by like I said
if you have any questions feel free to ask me if you need screen printing
services give me a call I’d be happy to help

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  1. I'm looking into having my company move to using the chemicals you do, so that way we can bypass having a filtration system and a dip tank. Would you mind pasting a link to where you buy your chemicals from?

  2. Thanks for the video! We waste A LOT of time reclaiming screens. I noticed how quickly and easily you were able to clean this, so just wondering, was this plastisol ink or water based in the video? Would that make a difference in the ease of cleaning it?

  3. Great video, clear and to the point (some others have too much unnecessary talking), I would like to know the NAMES of the chemicals you used in the video, please) Thanks

  4. I washed screens & coated them, burned them, etc, for about 10 years. Metal frames are the best. Wood warps. I could reclaim more than 40 screens a day, all sizes. The smell of emulsion remover is burned into my soul!

  5. 1986. The big Blow Up at the shop!! I had just started as the screen guy. A huge job was already in progress. 40,000 white T-shirts. ….But!, a chick in the Art Dept sort of forgot to add the second R in the word Chiropracter. …Then, someone noticed it 10,000 shirts later!! The Boss walked out on the shop floor! Shirts flew threw the air, even a phone!! The sky itself trembled from the roar in his voice!!

  6. Man your hair was long!

    So no matter if you degreased the screen when you first ever used it and you used emulsion remover and paint remover , you still have to degrease the screen again?

    Do you still clean your screens in this method?

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