How to clean and restore a Vintage Cycle Frame
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How to clean and restore a Vintage Cycle Frame

October 13, 2019

Hello and welcome to another video Today what we are going to do is show you in more detail Exactly what I do the process that I use to clean these frames up, so that is exactly what I am going to do today. So we have got this frame here, its all stripped down It is in relatively good order there are a few parts of spot rust on the frame it self and the decals are slightly damaged I am not going to replace them it would cost to much money regards to what the price of the bike is worth at the end of the process and to be honest with you I cannot find thesis decals on line anyway so what I am going to do first of all the first step is I am going to wash the frame down with a degreasing agent just to get rid of all the muck and all the oil that is on the frame and i am going to take it from there so lets get a move on with that and we will see what the frame looks like from there OK well thats the frame all washed oIt looks a lot better by just giving it a good clean what we are going to do now is use a product called T-Cut it is used in the car industry basically it is a colour restorer its just like a clean like a metal polish and what it does is it takes any small scratches or blemishes out of the frame it self so that in it is going to clean it upself and it also takes off any surface rust that is actually on the paint work so this is the next stage going to use this and buff the frame up Well, thats the frame all rubbed down it looks so much better already It has revealed a few small areas where the rust is actually under the paint work itself generally what I will do there Small areas I will just use a tiny little bit of with wool or a tiny bit of sand paper just to rub down just to get down to the rust itself and any surface rust or any actual small spots i then use a product called KaRust Which eats away at the rust so you just paint that on and then that works its magic so lets get on with that Right well the karst solution has worked its magic on them areas of rust so what we are going to do is touch them up with enamel paint so just match the paint up the best that you can with the areas that we need to do and as I say we touch them up nowre going to what I didn’t mention before and is worth bearing in mind is when you use T-Cut or a rubbing compound on the frame just watch it over the decals themselves because it can bring off a bit of print so just try and work around them areas and you should be fine lets touch this frame up and carry on cleaning this frame Well there is the frame all finished off I am sure you will agree it looks a lot better then when it first came in This is the process that I use for most of the bikes that I restore and I hope that it gives you a little bit more of an insight to exactly what I do and I hope that it helps you in your own project Just to recap what we did was we started by washing the frame down to get rid of any dirt or grease we then used a rubbing compound for the car industry a colour restorer in this case it was T-Cut that got rid of any small scratches and surface rust from off the frame it self We then used a solution on the rust which eats away at the rust and protects the frame from any further corrosion that was a product called KaRust What we then did, we matched up the paint for the decals and also the frame it self we used a small brush and touched the frame up What I would say if you do have any larger areas is generally what I will do is mask that area up and use a spray for the car industry and just spray over them areas and if the frame does need a complete blow over then I will use the masking tape to protect the decals themselves and what I then did was use very clear varnish as well just to protect the bits of painting that I had done so yes it looks so much better and its all ready to be rebuilt now so that is the exciting part an I can not wait If you do enjoy watching these videos then please click on Subscribe Or if you do have any hints and tips your self and you want to share them with us then please drop them in the comments below other than that drop us a like Thanks for watching…Bye for now

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  1. I actually am restoring an 83 Schwinn superior, however i went with a brand new powder coat, and i will reorder the original decals. Since the frame is painted a completely new color, instead of matching the details i am going with a white/black outline for the restoration. should look really nice with the new paint job. It is full fixed with no brakes but everything aside from the track wheels and toe cage pedals will be original (stem, headset, fork, seat post etc.)

  2. Great video!!! Definitely going to use some of the techniques on my 2 Raleigh bananas! Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Hi Andy, I just wanted to thank you very much for posting your videos. They have really inspired me. I am now attempting to get a Batavus Champion back on the road again. Keep up the Great Videos!

  4. Hi Andy, love the videos. Bikeit UK is my new fav go to for some vintage cycling eye candy. The how to portions are great and the after shots of you riding are fun. I would love to see some stylish sweeping close up shots of the completed bikes too. Thanks for some inspiration in restoring the 70's bike I saved from a life chained up and forgotten outside my local coffee shop. 😀

  5. Hi Andy! I have a Peugeot Carbolite road bike and i want to restore the original painting, so this is an absolutely great video! I just want to ask that i'm thinking on buying new 42mm rims for the bike, just to get a "new" look, and because i also like these wider rims, so my question is that can i still use the original spokes with the 42mm rim or i'm supposed to buy new spokes? Thanks for the video again! 🙂

  6. Another great video!
    Would you be able to one on how to clean the bare metal parts, that would be really useful for me and yours look so good
    Also what degreaser do you use?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  7. ATTENTION US VIEWERS: I've had really nice results using TurtleWax brand rubbing compound followed up with their polishing compound. You may be able to get away with just the polishing compound if the paint is in decent shape to begin with. As far as the Kurust goes, you can get Permatex Rust Converter at the local auto-parts store for about $8, it's the exact same thing and works very well.

  8. I got given a rusty wreck of a folding bike which iive just done up, and painted some new colours, I even hand painted the wheel rims. I did a video of it on my channel if anyone wants to have a look ?

  9. Have you ever tried giving one of your projects a finishing coat of a satin lacquer? I'd think it would give a nice modern look but only way to know would be a test ;D

  10. Hi!! can you help me out!?? i got a old raleigh bike its a gran sport its around the 80s maybe 70s its white with red stickers(decals) can you help me find them? im trying to restore it.thank you

  11. thank you! but the page didnt tell me where i can get the decals for the bike😢 im trying to restore it but the decals are all peeling off

  12. thank you again! i sent an email to steve about my situation and some pictures of my bike hopefully he has the decals im looking for

  13. great tips, although I do blame you for my reduced savings as now can't resist buying classic bikes! at least I am saving and restoring them… next project an 88 Peugeot carbolite 10 speed… thanks for the inspiration and advice…

  14. I enjoy your videos very much. Where do you get your touch up paints? I am new to bicycle refurbishing and restoration, and it looks like the main sources for touch up paint here in the U.S. are Testors enamel paint or nail polish.


  15. Love the videos and the music choice. Subbing I want to learn how to restore bikes as well. Are there any forums or communities online that help?

  16. Hey, I'm a new subscriber. Question: what do you put inside the frame to avoid corrosion? What did you use after you washed it?

  17. Great videos !
    How do you manage to keep your hands clean ?
    I always have black grease on my fingers. I stain everything I touch…
    Cheers !

  18. Good work mate. In the US I use Loctite Naval Jelly rust remover (phosphoric acid) … can be diluted to work in stages for delicate fittings. Excellent for bike restoration.

  19. what if the paint is very badly damaged from years of sitting in the sun and rain, along with rust starting to come through and chipping off the paint ?

  20. Loving the videos! when restoring bikes, how do you chose the bikes/what components to put on? also do you have any recommendations for good cheap single wheel sets?

  21. Hi Andy, that video won you another subscriber. Some people use oxalic acid solution to remove rust (you can get it via Ebay) and it's not too expensive. Have you tried rubbing rust spots with aluminiium foil rather than steel wool? I have a Dawes galaxy frame to work on. Cheers mate.

  22. It is good to select a bike that you can restore. If you want to restore a bike with major paint damage, find something with good decals that is white, black, or silver. Other colors are extremely difficult to match, and not worth trying to do an overspray.

  23. Hello! wonderful videos very helpful. I was wondering what that little enamel paint can was. Could you tell me what brand and where i can get that small of an amout? This will also be used for a frame touch up. Thanks!

  24. Love the videos !!!!!
    You've got a dishwasher in the back just put the frame in there, there you go done in an hour 😂😂😭 Or is it a tumble dryer 😂

  25. I have a peugeot my self, I have not been able to find the correct seat post. where do u suggest I could find a 24mm seatpost? ??😭😭😭

  26. thank your for your video i will be happy when you put buying link for T-CUT on ebay or amazon
    best regards

  27. My grandad has a ton of old bikes, but the rust is so bad there's holes throughout the frame. Is there a solution or is it not worth the time? also great video btw!

  28. thank you so much for your time and effort you put into your videos you have inspired me to do my own retro road bike restoration and Im only 16 years young you are so amazing keep up the good work

  29. Hi Andy, love your videos! Since I live in Norway, we don't have brands like T-cut, we only have Autoglym and WD-40. Do you know of any other brand that have a good scratch remover or any other products that can be nice to have when I work on vintage bikes?

  30. Hi Andy, I have a Pinarello Banesto, but the colour is bleached out from the sun and doesn't look good. Some decals are missing or half missing. Do you recommend repainting the frame by my own and to buy decals online?

  31. I love these videos! Very clear instructions…easy to understand and doesn't cut any corners. Fair play to the mechanic/author.

  32. What is the clear varnish you use? I'm always worried about them yellowing over time and showing where I touched up.

  33. Hello love it… I have a 100 anniversary cabon lite 103 biike that was raced professionally I'm in the process of restoration.. This has been extremely helpful.. When I'm done I'll share my bike pic's

  34. That's a lousy job, you're not really putting a lot of efforts in the restoration job now do you? It's obvious you're one of those "good enough" repairmen…

  35. Some great advice here, thank you very much. I was wondering, would you put primer on the frame before the enamel paint if there is substantial amount of paint is missing after sanding? I've recently bought an old Peugeot and that little connecting bar in front of the back wheel and the pedal connector at the base (excuse the amateur terminology) is quite rust heavy but only surface. Want to freshen it up and don't want new paint to flake off in a few months. Thanks

  36. A beautiful frame like that bike deserve a powder coating. Costs less than 100.00. Then recreate the decals. Restored a 1991 GT Timberline Cromoly mountain bike to match the green with a powder coating. Just shines! Turns heads…great video btw

  37. Amazing job man!! Thanks for the video! I am so excited to start using your tips to restore my Trek 1000 from 2007 that I bought today! T-Cut ordered :D!

  38. Awesome video dude it's given me a bit of an idea to restore the paint work on a vintage racer…. never though about enamel paint!

  39. mate, theres a big rusty screw right there 2:56 in the wire guide,
    isnt this supposed to be a thourough fix up job?

  40. Enjoyed the restoration, in particular just using touch up paint rather than expense of full respray. Got a few bikes myself and used to do a bit of car dealing so my tip would be to use autoglym after T cutting, it is literally worth its weight in gold , will bring a huge shine back to the paint work and help protect it from water ingress or damp road conditions. I use bucket of warm water and damp cloth to apply, leave for a few minutes then buff off with soft dry cloth.

  41. Would you like to own my early 80's Vitus Race bike 979 Mrk 1 blue alum. with what appears to be about ten miles since new? Google me Miles Cobbett to fin my contact info on Fb n instagram

  42. Einfach nur frech erst in einem anderen Video ein Peugeot Fahrrad falschen und jetzt einfach einen anderen Sticker ranmachen

  43. Hey Andy! What kind of paint is useable for bike frames? Are acryl paints ok? I need to fix some purple spots of my pinarello bike. Would apreciate your help! Greetings from Hamburg

  44. Personally, i wouldn't use T Cut its way too aggressive. There are newer /modern (T Cut formula is 40 years okd) equivalents that ere less aggressive and kinder to your paint … whilst doing the same/better job. Also bare in mind T Cut effectively cuts (strips) a layer of paint from the surface so you should ALWAYS seal the paint afterwards with a good quality polish and wax. … nice channel BTW 😉

  45. should have taken more time and sanded the damaged paint with higher grit sand paper to a smother finish and the paint would blend in better! Then I think I,d have tried to sell the customer a de,and a re laquer and looked a bit harder for the decal,s . It would have been worth it all round!

  46. Once you've done all that protect it with a good quality wax polish preferably something with carnauba wax as it's much harder than bees wax and leaves an amazing shine.

  47. Currently following this exact process on my vintage Japanese bike! Had to find the American brands for the rubbing compound and rust converter but things have been going smoothly. Finally started the touch-up paint today.

  48. Hi Bud, does tcut cause some dulling of the paint? Can’t tell that well from the video but it seems not to be a gloss finish. I picked up a record sprint similar to your other video, rust free and would like to achieve a gloss finish. Would you recommend tcut? Thanks!

  49. On my YouTube channel I put links for the products and people can click and see them. Nothing personal but not everyone speaks English very well.

  50. Good ideas and processes on your videos, but I have noticed that you often do not give careful details on or clearly provide the names of the repair/maintenance products used, and since this is some of the most important information provided, more care should be devoted to providing this useful information. An example would be: You beautifully touch-up the decals with well matched paint colors, but there is no mention of the type of paint used, how you obtained those color matches, or how thin/thick the paint should be. You could even list details of the products used in written form on your post so viewers could obtain that detail after seeing the overall process in the video, which would simplify obtaining the necessary items. Your videos are helpful, overall, and providing more detail will make them even more so. Thanks for doing them.

  51. I am going to restore a Cinelli frameset from 1987. I want to buy greese that was made IN 1987 In a brand new looking package. Where can I get it?

  52. Yeah you know your videos are great but I always think they're too short. I think most of us watching have developed an appetite for longer videos these days – after all we're here to learn! Thanks 🙂

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