How to clean UPVC Window Frames so they stay Clean
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How to clean UPVC Window Frames so they stay Clean

October 8, 2019

Hello Guys and Girls and today the best
way to clean UPVC window frames so that they stay clean for a long long time. Now
what you are going to need today is some hot soapy water. I just use car wash
and wax, a NON SCRATCH sponge, some car wax, a soft cloth and your hand or both
hands. So as you can see this is my UPVC window frame here and it is filthy,
lots of green algae mould and yuk. So this needs a good clean so let us get our
hot soapy water and the non scratch sponge. The non scratch ones are normally
white because you don’t want to scratch all the plastic. So first of all let us
just get it nice and clean as possible. Get all this green algae off, so give it
a nice good scrub. It really is dirty this one. Ah a little
spider! Save any little spiders obviously. Then once you have given it a good soapy
wash then get some clean water. Get some clean water and just get off the
residue and the bubbles just so it comes up a bit nicer, then if you are doing this in
the Summer obviously just let it dry for half an hour an hour if not you can
just dry that with a cloth. Now what you are going to need is just any kind of
car wax or car polish it doesn’t matter what it is just any kind of car wax. So
I am doing this in the Winter so it is a bit chilly and it is not going to dry so
I am just going to dry it off with a dirty old rag. Now take your car polish and a nice
soft cloth get some car polish onto there and just put that on the window
frame and just rub that on nice and gently. Now because this is car polish it is
absolutely brilliant because once you buff it off after this it just acts like
car wax obviously and any water that goes on there just instantly rolls off.
It is just absolutely fantastic. Okay so we have rubbed that car wax in , now we are just going to buff it off lightly. So let us just give it a good old buffer. So already it is looking so much better. Let us just have a quick look along the
line, absolutely superb. That is what it did look like so what a massive
difference I mean that has taken me a couple of minutes, obviously you need to
do the whole lot this is just a demonstration of this particular area.
And that will stay clean for a long long time as I say any water that falls on
that or dirt just falls off it like off a ducks back. It is really really good so
you can see how nice and clean that has come up, so all in all a great job. So I was cleaning out the garage the other day with the wife, filthy dirty covered with cobwebs… but she is good with the kids!
Cheers Tommy Cooper that is the End. Hopefully that has helped somebody out
there. Thanks for watching Guys and Girls, appreciate it.

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  1. Awesome idea dear friend! I'll give it a try today! Thanks for sharing dear friend! Keep up that way! Thumbs up guys!

  2. Nice video. Sub, comment + like done, hope if you can please return the favor. Thank you.

  3. To clarify: you recommend using a car wax or liquid sealant. Not a polish. Car wax and car polish are two very different things. Good tip!

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  5. Good tip, i will have to try this for myself to see if it is any better than what i am using thank you 👍

  6. i know this is an old video but how would i get the green mould or whatever it is off of my windowsill if its stuck on there u can't scrape it off a tree used to be right next to them for some time before i moved in but i have now cut all the trees down but can't get it off

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