How to  Cover a Composition Notebook with Fabric
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How to Cover a Composition Notebook with Fabric

October 10, 2019

hey guys this is Angie and today I’m
going to show you how to cover a composition notebook here’s one of the
composition notebooks and you can get them pretty much anywhere and they’re super
affordable okay so here’s the one we’re going to make today here’s the five
here’s the back now this is what I made previously notice it does not have the
rounded corners I prefer the rounded corners so this is the one we’re going
to make okay so let’s cover the fabric that you’re going to need you need three
pieces that measure 11 x 16 and a half and this first piece here this is the
front cover of our composition notebook the second piece is considered our
backing fabric and the final piece is just an extra piece of fabric because
the composition notebook is black and if you don’t have thicker fabric it’s going
to show through so that third piece is just so that we can’t see the black
through there you could use batting and you could use fusible fleece both are
more expensive and the batting is a little bit thicker it may not be more
expensive but it’s sticker so I’ve wanted to keep the weight about the same
because I’m going to be sending these to my downline anyway okay the next piece
of fabric that you’re going to need is two of them and it measures 11 by 8
inches and what I’ve done is I’ve fold it in half and pressed it so that’s 11 x
8 and now what we want to do is we want to take this over to the sewing machine
and we want to make a decorative stitch down this side the right side quarter
inch seam notice here this is the side that opens don’t show that close we’re
just going to put a decorative stitch right here and let me show you where
that is it’s right here on the very edge and technically you could skip that step
I just think that it’s a nice addition to it okay oh and I did change on this
once we used Muslims I’m using pattern this time okay so I’m going to go over
to the sewing machine I’m going to sell a quarter inch seam down the right-hand
side and then I’m going to show you how to sandwich all of these so I’ll be back
okay so I’ve got my two panels right here i’m making sure that the opening is
over here on the left side i’m just going to place this here on my sewing
machine and we’re going to be so in a quarter inch seam and i’m actually going
to change my stitch to a zigzag and i’m just going to make it a little bit wider
okay so i’m just going to put the needle down and start sewing okay I’m going to meet you back over at
the station I’m done with the first panel I’m going to do the other one off
camera ok so I am back from the sewing machine and you can see that i stitched
down this right side on both of them i did a little zig zag stitch I don’t know
if you can see that and now all I want to do is just kind of trim these extra
threads just to get them out of the way ok now I’m going to show you how to
sandwich this because then we’re going to take it to our sewing machine and sew
all the layers together ok and get these out of the way so what you want to do is
you want to place this first piece that we’re going to put down this is either
your batting your fusible fleece or your extra piece of fabric okay that’s your
very first piece your next flick piece is going to be your cover to your
composition notebook that’s going to go right size up ok the next piece is
you’re going to take your panels make sure that opening on this side is over
there ok just like that and then this one the opening is going to go to the
right and that’s over here and then your last piece is going to be your backing
fabric and that’s going to go right on top now if you’re backing fabric is a
pattern you want to put it pattern side down so that would be right side down ok
now what we’re going to do is pin it and then we’re going to so I’ve got my pins
here i’m going to start down here at the bottom and i’m going to start just about
right here and I’m coming in about a quarter of an inch because I’m used my
scene guide with my walking foot you don’t have to use a walking foot but i
will tell you i think it makes it a lot easier because you we are going through
a lot of layers okay so this is where I’m going to start my stitch but I need
to stop because we need to leave a three to four inch opening so that we can flip
this inside out so I’ve got this pan going in this direction I’m going to
take this one and put it in the opposite direction it really doesn’t matter how
you do it this is just how my brain works okay so beginning and end so now
what I want to do is just pin all the way around so that nothing shifts as I
go over to my sewing machine well and I’m putting our pins and wrong because
of the the same guy that I’m using I have to put my pin on the inside because
otherwise I can’t follow the guide if I put them on the outside I’m going to go
over to the corner here and that means is this and then down here I don’t think you can
swing me down down that corner so I pinned this one ok so now I’m going to
pin over here you don’t have to pin too much I would say just one in the corners
and then one on each side except you know you got your start in your stop so
this one’s kind of in the wrong place this one goes here ok so we’re going to
go over to the sewing machine i’m going to cover this one more time I’m going to
try to fill me at this own machine it may or may not work so I’m just going to
explain it I’m starting here so in a quarter inch seam I’m going to get to
this corner I’m going to raise my foot but not my needle pivot and then go and
all the way around ok ok so i have added my walking foot to my sewing machine
here is my starting line I’ve got my quarter inch seam mark i’m using this
ideal seam guide you can use whatever methods that that you use but because
i’m using the walking foot the quarter inches sometimes a little bit more
challenging for me so that’s why i’m using this guide i’m going to go ahead
and take my pan out for my start position and i’m just going to go all
the way around with a quarter inch seam I will probably put you on fast-forward
ok okay so i’m back from the sewing machine
and you can see that i sewed a quarter inch seam around the entire thing you do
want to make sure and turn it over and make sure that you didn’t miss any spots
or go off the fabric where as you can see right here I got a little close to
the edge but this should be okay if it’s not I’ll turn it back and we’ll start
over ok the next thing we’re going to do is take our scissors and we’re just
going to trim and don’t get too close to the thread okay so make sure you look on
both sides before you do so and you’re going to do this to all four corners
this is what’s going to give your notebook cover those rounded edges
instead of the square edges okay now we’ve got our opening right here
remember we left a three to four inch opening so here is where the magic
happens now I forgot to grab my ruler I have a I have one of those binding
rulers is that what it’s called finding rulers the binding tool ruler and what I
do is I put that in and it helps me get the points back on my edges but I can
probably use my fingers now while i’m doing this i’m going to go
ahead and talk to you and tell you i will admit that i watched a lot of
different videos on youtube and went to a lot of different sites this
composition notebook cover thing has been going on for a long time in fact I
have a couple videos on my chicken scratch channel covering it with
cardstock with paper it does designer series paper but I wanted to do a fabric
one so I went in search for the measurements and I swear everyone had a
different measurement a different way to do it and I ended up taking about six or
seven different tutorials and and truth be told it actually took me five
attempts before I got it right okay now what we want to do before we press it
and before we steal our hole here it’s like why make sure it fits because like
I was saying earlier I I’m a five of these before I got the measurements down
pat okay so one of the things you’re going to have to remember is that when
we go over to the sewing machine we’re going to sell a quarter inch seam so
that’s going to tighten this up by a quarter inch on all four sides okay if
you tighten up more than that you’re very likely will not it will not work
okay so i can tell it’s looking really good i do want to make sure that i just
sew a quarter inch seam and not any greater okay so now what we’re going to
do is we’re going to press this down make sure it’s nice and straight and
then we’re going to pin it and then we’re going to sew a quarter inch seam
around the entire thing so i’m not going to show the pressing here on camera you
guys have seen me do that enough so i’ll meet you at the sewing machine okay so
i’ve got it back on my sewing machine we’re going to sell a quarter inch seam
around the entire thing ok I’m back and I just got done filling
around the entire thing and it looks pretty good let’s trim these threads
here and then i’m going to show you that the notebook fits that was another
important stuff i think in this video is that if I don’t show you how the
notebook fits you don’t really know what the measurements i gave you are accurate
i’m going to go ahead and press it really quickly okay I think that looks
pretty good i had already ironed it previously before we sewed it closed ok
so which side do we want to be the front our choices this side or this side my
quarter inch seam got a little off on this side but it kind of did on this
side as well so it doesn’t really matter which side it’s spending on each side ok
so now we’re going to insert this in here just like that put this one in here
I think this is an important part to show you because it’s nice to see that
the measurements i gave you do actually work so here’s the back side here front
side you open it up yeah works looks good doesn’t it ok so what happens is
for some reason you it doesn’t work for you just check your
means okay because if you’ll notice up here at the top you can see my quarter
inch seam that makes it perfect for the top of the notepad or the notebook and
the same thing for the bottom it’s a quarter inch seen if your notebook
doesn’t fit then your seam is off and that all you need to do is just rip out
the scene and start over because the 11 x 16 and a half is the exact measurement
on all three pieces for the exception of your pockets and those were 11 x 8
folded in half and pressed okay so I think that wraps up this video it does
actually so if you need anything let me know I will provide a PDF with all those
all the measurements and a pretty PDF so that you can print it if you’d like to
take it over to your sewing machine I know not everyone has a computer or
access to watch video in there so in rooms so have a great day thanks a lot I

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  1. I am a nooby to sewing and so you all will think this is a silly question but how do you get pockets on inside? Do they just flip inside out and go in to center? I'm so sorry I am just confused about that step. Your cover is beautiful and I would like to try this out and thank you so much for the printable instructions. Tfs 🙂

  2. Oh I love this! Where did you get that shabby chic fancy?!!! I need some. These will make lovely Christmas gifts. Blessings, Laurie from New Hampshire.

  3. Awesome tutorial! I love covering the composition in fabric so I can just change to a new book when needed. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. OMGOSH what a great way to use leftover pieces. I can see a little quilt pattern for this too. Thanks so much for sharing

  5. Angie, Just love it when you sew, Will you be doing more sewing projects? Hope so ! Your directions are so helpful.

  6. Made 2 of these so far, Thanks to your tutorial👍 I only used 2 layers. Backing and main, plus the inner pockets. I just used thicker fabric. All 100% Cotton. I'm thinking of making more for Christmas. Thank you!

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