How to Craft a Duct Tape Picture Frame
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How to Craft a Duct Tape Picture Frame

September 13, 2019

Hi I’m Marisa, Crafter
for Duck brand Duct Tape, and today I’m going to be showing you
how to make a duct tape picture frame. Today we’re going to be
using duct tape sheets, but you can also do
this project with rolls. Here’s all you need to get started. Duct tape sheets or rolls, a
hobby knife, a ruler, a pen, nonstick scissors, some
cardboard, and a picture. First I’m going to cut the frame. I’m going to draw some
guidelines to make it easier. Now using my hobby knife, I’m going
to cut out the inner rectangle. Take a sheet of duct tape. Measure so you have about two
squares all the way around, and cut. Peel back the paper backing
with the pattern side down. Lay your piece down in the center. Use your hobby knife to cut
diagonal slits in all four corners. And then cut out a
rectangle from the center. Wrap the inner edges around the frame. Cut two lines at the top of
your frame for the top edge. Perfect. OK. Wrap the top edge around the frame. Trim off the top little squares
and cut diagonally the corners off. Now you’re going to take
this piece and put it aside temporarily, and work on the back piece. I like to do a contrasting
pattern in the back of the frame. I’m going to choose the
blue and purple tie die. And lay that right on. The spine of it overhangs a
little, because you’re not going to see that part. Now we’re going to use the other
pattern to do the other side and cut it slightly larger. And then trim all four corners. Wrap it around. Now you take your inside and you lay
it over your other piece like so. And wrap those flaps around. So you have the picture frame. I cut a piece of cardboard
in a trapezoid shape, and now I’m going to cover it
with the tie dye duct tape. So you’re left with something like so. Trim it up a little. And place your stand on
the back of your frame. Now you’re ready to add your picture. And that’s how you
make a duct tape frame. You can make them in all
different shapes and sizes, and then you can embellish them
with flatback gems, buttons, letters that you cut out with
stencils or freehand. The possibilities are endless. For more duct tape crafts and ideas,
or you can even submit your own ideas, visit

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  1. I think you'd waste much less if you used ROLLS of duct tape -_- besides, not everyone can get those stupid sheets. PLUS it's not following the tradition of using rolls of duct tape!

  2. Tonker29 I have both of the tie die duct tape and leopard cheetah print pink zebra and white zebra and hot pink people don't use it to fix stuff though once I fixed my sisters pink hula hoop with pink duct tape but people use them for crafts

  3. Picture frames should be almost plain looking, so that the frames doesn't get more attention than the people in the photos.

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