How to create Profile picture frame for Facebook | Saaho Movie | Prabhas | shraddha kapoor
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How to create Profile picture frame for Facebook | Saaho Movie | Prabhas | shraddha kapoor

October 25, 2019

have you ever changed the facebook
profile frame for any movie if not it here is your chance to change the
facebook profile frame for the movie Saaho staring Prabhas and Shardha Kapoor because in todays video I am going to show you how to make the Facebook
profile frame in Photoshop. So before I jump into the tutorial I will like to
request you please to subscribe my channel because lot more videos are
lined up in my channel so let’s quickly move into the tutorials. So we are having
this much or pictures to make our Facebook profile frame for the movies
Saaho but we need to create a new file to make
the Facebook profile frame. So I’m going to create it from here. File new and
select the custom preset from here okay so we need to set the width and height
into 2000 pixel since we are going to create the profile picture frame and we know
that the profile picture of Facebook is in square aspect ratio that is 1:1
so we have to set it as 2000px width and 2000px height and resolution is 72 and
the background is transparent okay
now click okay. so first we have to select the background for this Facebook
profile frame so I’m going to create it from this picture for that I’m just
dragging this picture to our file so just drag and drop here. okay after that I’m just closing this. See I’ll just re scale this so Edit free transform maintain aspect
ratio and just drag this up to here okay see I need to remove the actor and the
title from this image to make this as background so for that I am going to use
some cloning method so before that I need to select this area first so I’m going
to use quick selection tool and just make the selection. Okay we got
the selection here and I need to expand it a little bit so modify expand and
give it as 5 okay so it is expanded a little more okay now I need to
fill this area with the background so I am going to use the patch selection tool
so this patch tool okay so here what I need to.. I need to make source as the
patch area so I just select this and move this a little bit here the same way
I am using this one also okay now I’ll be making this as a
background so I will make some arrangement I don’t need that area so
I will be making this and we’ll expand this a little bit okay so let me keep it it now like this
and later we’ll be making some changes now I need to bring the character to
this image so first I am going to bring the lead actors image from this
photo so I’ll be using the same method to select, quick selection tool.. just drag see I already made a video on how to remove complex background in my previous Film poster designing series so if you
haven’t watched it you can watch it from here by clicking in the card or it is
also there in the description so you can watch that video to make more knowledge
about how to remove complex background okay now I’m going to refine this
so the refine edges okay here see I will be selecting this overlay area and what
I need to do is I need to remove the this are.. so I am enabling the smart radius and
if you want you can give the contrast to 2 okay so we got this is drag and
drop so we got it this will be here next I’m going to use
this image I am going to make the cut out of the actor and actress from this
image so I’m using the same selection tool
quick selection tool. Okay I’ll start from here Okay we have made the selection and now I’m
going to drag this image from here to our file. so just drag this and drop down here okay just close this file.
now we got it like this and I’m going to place it here for the time
being and we’ll make the change this later
so first I’m hiding all this first I’m going to work with this so I need only
this much of area of Prabhas.okay and what I’m going to do is I am going
to be use thel ayer transparency so layer transparency overlay or this or lenar
edge it will be like this and I think it is better to be a luminosity okay so
I’ll be using this Ok just place it here and now I’m going to make the placement
of this here so this will be placed here little close to it okay so now I am going to make the cut
outs of the actors for that I am going to remove the background so go to
the background layer using the eraser tool just erase now we got like this I just want to make
some more changes here so now I’m going to make some layer
style to this particular layer for that I’m selecting this and right click
here go to blending options I’m going to apply a drop shadow so we’ll be getting
the drop shadow options here by clicking here but instead of drop shadow I am actually
going to make this as an outer glow from this drop shadow itself so I’m going to
change the color first and I’ll be picking the color from here okay so this
is the color and see now I did it like this But I am going to make changes here
by increasing the size so this will blurred out and the distance I will just change okay
and if you want you can apply the same for Prabhas photo also so I’ll just
copy this.. copy layer style and paste it over here. Paste layer style
actually the transparency mode has changed so we’re changing it again to
the luminosity so this will be like this. use the the pen tool to make a selection of this
so I will just make an arc like shape here I just want to
cut this area so go to path load path as selection I got this path as
the selection here and I have selected the layer2 okay so I will be deleting this area
this area will be removed so just so we got and select ctrl D to
deselect now I will work on the title so I will select this using the magic wand tool just drag and drop here..
okay now just place this over the frame so I’ll just keep it here and I will
actually rescale this a little bit so I Edit free transform aspect ratio to 80 and I will just copy the layer style
from here just copy the layer style and place it all plays it over here
paste your style so we got it like this if you want you can do sit on
this one you can make it as luminocity Oh hardlight
okay luminocity is fine. so just click
so now we go to like this and if you want to make furthermore changes over
furthermore arrangement I will just move this a little bit here..I will move all
this see if you want to remove the gap I will just move all this to you so I’ll
be selecting all the layersr using the shift selected all the layers using that arrow key just
move this to right so we got. okay just change it like this and now what I need
it is I need to mask this area so I just selected this and use the Mask tool and
just make a gradient masks or just select black and white gradient gray scale
gradient and just I just mask it like this so we got something like this
okay so I fix with this masking and now our Facebook frame is ready to upload to
Facebook but before uploading this into Facebook I need to save this as a PNG
file and let me just check it with some profile picture how it will come on
Facebook so I just enable of this Prabhas picture itself. So If this is the profile picture and our frame will be coming like this so according to the
profile picture or this will have different appearance. anyway we are going
to save this as a PNG to upload to the Facebook so I’m going to save this as a
PNG file we know that a PNG file saves the transparency and Facebook frame need
the transparency information so I’m just selecting PNG I will save this as Saaho movie frame okay I’ll just save this OK. okay done now we need to go to
Facebook so select Facebook I have made my own login and I’m going to upload
this to the Facebook for that I need to use camera effect so just search here in the
search bar camera clicks okay so camera effects. so you’ll be getting an app to
upload to Facebook frames so just click over here camera effects. so this is the
sample so we are going to create on Facebook frame. so we have to open the
frame studio now frame studio is opened and we need to
upload our frame so open frame studio its started
and upload our art okay so this was the PNG file I’m just uploading this see this will come like this’ So they are
showing the samples when it is uploaded to profile picture it will come like
this okay.this will be fine. so we need to go to next and we need to keep the details
so name of the frame so I’ll be giving as Saaho movie frame so is it available anyone
anyway can available for anyone and it shit you okay done next so now we are up
to here and now we need to publish this so upon clicking on the publish button
Facebook will accept our frame and fix we’ll review this and to take some time
so after the review is over they will publish in Facebook and it will be
available for everyone and if you want you can just share the link of the frame
to your friends or everyone okay so now you guys learn how to make the Facebook
profile frame in Photoshop now you can create your own Facebook profile frame
for the movie Saaho or any other movie and you can upload on facebook so that’s
all for today and i’m going to come in with another video till the bye

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