How to create the perfect composition | Smartphone pics
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How to create the perfect composition | Smartphone pics

September 10, 2019

Hi, I’m Nicky Kelvin, photographer
and all-around travel enthusiast. Now, on my trips around the world,
I like to take a lot of pictures, and often, I’ll only have
one of these to do it. So here are my top tips on
how to create the perfect composition using just your smart phone. Now, leading lines can really help
enhance a photo by telling the viewer where to focus and
guiding their eyes around the picture. Lines usually start at the bottom
of the frame and work to draw the eye up and in. So when you’re about to take a shot,
check your surroundings for symmetry and long lines. They can make roads, rivers,
tunnels, and platforms look really interesting just by
making sure you frame them correctly. Plunking your subjects in the middle of a photo is not always the best way
to capture that subject. You should imagine lines,
chopping the frame up into thirds and place your subject
on those third lines to create a much more
satisfying edge. A quick way to do this is by using
the grid function on your phone. It will bring up guidelines and it will help
you compose the picture more accurately. Always think about adding
layers to your photo. Done in the right way, the more
layers an image has, the more interesting it can be. Having everything in a line and
in focus can often look flat and boring, whilst having interesting subjects in the
foreground and the background usually looks great. Once you’ve decided on your layers,
use your phone’s focus to decide what you want your
main focus point to be, and then the rest of the picture
works to frame that subject nicely.

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