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How to create the perfect food shot composition with Bo’s Kitchen | Adobe UK

October 14, 2019

Hi I’m Bo from @bos.itchen I’m going to be making a Cinnamon Oatmeal Bowl today and I’ll be showing you how to use composition
to create really striking and eye-catching images My oatmeal is nice and thick and creamy I’m gonna go over to the styling area and get working on our composition I’m going to add my Cranberry Jam
really red and juicy and adds lots of colour to the picture Fresh Raspberries and some dark chocolate
creates a really nice contrast with the jam, some nice shapes as well Pistachio’s for a bit of extra texture and crunch I want the focal point to be on the bowl
but it’s got some other elements to support it and it creates a triangle which means the composition will be really strong when I come to crop it in Lightroom CC because it’s quite red in the middle
I just want to balance out some of the colours and the key ingredients in the dish add my peanut butter fresh pomegranate, they add lots of detail and
texture to the image and keep things interesting I’m gonna pop a few in this little bowl here to finish it off, some quinoa pops now I’m going to adjust the supporting elements and
I want to make sure that everything around it frames the focal point of the picture I’ll add few bits on the backdrop just to create some more contrast I’ll add a few of raspberries and they’ll just be a little pops of colour whenever I’m placing things I always like to work in 3’s or odd numbers a few more pistachio sprinkles
puts that little pop of green in there which will look really cool when we come to edit and then play around with the bowl and see which way works best I’m really happy with this composition
I think I’m going to take my picture and then we’ll give you a quick tutorial in Lightroom
with some of the key features that I use to get the most out of my images

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