How to enable Mobile Legends High Frame Rate Mode on Android? No Root, GLTools or mod apk is needed
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How to enable Mobile Legends High Frame Rate Mode on Android? No Root, GLTools or mod apk is needed

October 17, 2019

How to enable high frame rate mode on Mobile
Legends? Simple, just go to settings to do so. However, not all Android smartphone and tablet
support it. So here is the guide for you to enable 60
fps high frame rate mode on your Android device. No root access is needed. First of all, download CPUforAnd.unity3d from
Internet. Download link at below. Later on, you need to grant Mobile Legends
permission to access and change your internal storage. Not all the Android systems are the same. Do refer own user manual for details. On MIUI, go to settings. Select installed apps, then Downloaded. Look for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Go to Permission Manager. Select Access and change files on internal
storage. Choose Accept. That’s all. Close it then. Launch Mobile Legends once. It will start to write something on your internal
storage. Once loaded, close it. Open your favourite file manager. Go to internal storage. Then select Android folder. Open up data. Look for Then click on it. After select files. You should see dragon and UnityCache folders
there. Go back to folder where you downloaded CPUforAnd.unity3d
file. Copy it to internal storage – Android – data
– – files – dragon – assets – Document – android folder. Launch Mobile Legends again. Go to settings. You should able to see High frame rate mode
option there. Select On then Okay will do. That’s all. Moonton should enable it in the first place. Anyway, that’s all for the guide to enable
Mobile Legends high frame rate mode on Android. No root, GLTools or mod apk is needed. My Mi Pad 4 is running smoothly now. Your device should too. That’s all for now. Be sure to thumb up if this guide helps you. Peace

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  1. How about not higher framerates but less graphic details, since you could barely see any difference between 30 and 60 fps on small devices unless it starts to hit bellow 25 fps.

    One we should consider here is the biggest pain of all, Heat, heat means your devices will throttle and will consume more electricity from your devices your higher graphics and higher frame rate demands more power from your hot phone.
    and heat is the number one killer of phones, dont forget overheatting + damage batteries = ticking bomb.

    Ram, Random Access Memory since most of the phone users thinks that the processor would carry all of the if not more of the load specially when its graphic process, No RAM is always important in all the devices that dont have dedicated Video cards since video or graphics are are just dedicated ram for processing graphics so yes that limited 2 gb ram on most devices is fair enough just to throttle when you phone have some background app running and heats up, so 3gb and up is better option.

    and finally

    Background running Apps, yes you should kill those running apps as much as possible if not uninstall or disable them if your just looking for a gaming phone.

    if anyone out there able convince companies to make option to reduce the graphic requirements on their games, this will greatly improve the user's gaming experience.

  2. HELLOW SIR…? IS THIS AVAILABLE FOR POCOPHONE f1? can u teach me how to find this STORAGE on POCOPHONE f1 please thank you

  3. I have the same Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 as you, but this does not work with the latest version of Mobile Legends it seems. First the path is different: Android/data/ (note that the folder is dragon2017 not dragon anymore). Any way to fix it?

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