How to Export a Still Frame in Premiere Pro
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How to Export a Still Frame in Premiere Pro

October 10, 2019

Hey there YouTube! It’s Chris from CleaverFilmFX
just bringing you another quick tip on how to export a still frame in Premiere CS6 and
CS5 and probably CS4. It’s really simple, all you have to do is select the frame you
want and I have this beautiful young couple making kissy faces at each other from a wedding
that I shot recently and click this icon right here, it’s a little camera icon, export still
frame it names it because it’s own unique identifier based on how many stills you’ve
exported and then you can click where you want it saved and you can select if you want
it brought back into the project right away, if you’re going to use it for something in
the project or just kind of a handy feature but you don’t really need to do that necessarily
if you’re going to use it in the project considerably if I was going to make this still frame in
my project and I wanted this, I could copy it here and say frame hold, except you have
to go to the place that you wanted, do a frame hold on it, frame hold, hold on and point
and now this whole clip is a still frame. So depending on what you are doing if you’re
going to maybe take it into Photoshop and do some treatments on it you would want to
do the former, if you’re just going to use it as still frame in the project and not do
anything else in another project then you don’t necessarily need to export it. So hope
that was helpful and if it was let me know, hit like or subscribe and thanks for watching!

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  1. That was enormously helpful; thanks – I didn't know how easy it was to export frames; hope that it's letterboxed it – I hate it when you export only to discover it's slightly bigger or smaller.

  2. Your tutorial on exporting video frame was easy to follow but our video of it "select camera icon" was half out of frame on my viewing window in youtube and made it hard to see what icon your were selecting.

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