How to File a Beer Manufacturer Tax Return
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How to File a Beer Manufacturer Tax Return

October 17, 2019

In this video, we will show you how to file a Beer Manufacturer Tax Return. We protect all the confidential information
you provide to us. First, go to the website, CDTFA.CA.GOV, and
at the top click on “Login.” That will take you to the Online Services
Portal. To file a Beer Manufacturer Tax return, you
must login with a username and password. For assistance with creating a username and
password, please watch our tutorials online. On this screen, you will see a list of available
tax and fee programs. In this example, we are filing a Beer Manufacturer
return, which is under the Alcoholic Beverage tax. Click on the File, Pay, and View hyperlink. On the CDTFA online services page, we will
enter our username and password, then click “Login.” On the portal homepage, under the “Accounts”
tab, we will click on the “Beer Manufacturer” hyperlink. This will take us to the “Beer Manufacturer
Account” page. Under the “Periods” tab, click on the
return period for which you would like to file. In our example, we will file for the September
2019 period, which is displayed by its return end date of September 30th, 2019. Click the “File Return” hyperlink next
to the period for which you are filing. This brings us to the “Initial Questions” page. If you did not import beer into California
during this reporting period, select “No.” In this example, we did import beer into California
during this period, so we will select “Yes.” On the next question, you will have two options: manually enter your schedule or upload an Excel Workbook. If you have multiple transactions, we recommend
uploading an Excel Workbook. To upload an Excel Workbook, select Upload
an Excel Workbook. You can download and complete the template here and upload it into the system by clicking “Upload Schedule.” Please note, once you’ve uploaded the schedule,
the figures should prepopulate on the next page. However, in our example, we will show you
how to manually add a schedule to your return. Select “Manually” and click “Next.” On the “Beer Imported into California”
page, click “Add a Record.” If you completed the template and uploaded
a schedule, this field will prepopulate for you. A window will appear and you must enter all
required information to proceed. Enter the required information, then click “Add.” The record will now appear under the table. You can add more records by clicking “Add a Record.” You can also edit the record by clicking the
pen and paper icon, copy the record with the clipboard icon, or delete the record with
the paper and red X icon. In this example, we have nothing else to add
and will click “Next.” This brings us to the “Taxable Transactions” page. Please note, 139 gallons of beer Imported
into California (total from CDTFA-269-BM) was automatically prefilled from the information
entered on the previous page. If this is incorrect, click “Previous”
to make corrections. On this page, enter in the removal of tax-paid
beer as reported on your “Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau” (TTB) form 5130.9 and
5130.26 for removal or for use at a tavern on brewery premises in barrels. The system will automatically convert barrels
to gallons when you enter your figures. Next, enter in removal of tax-paid keg or
case beer removed for export outside the US in gallons. If needed, enter other taxable gallons of
beer transactions on for which the state excise tax tax has not been paid. In this example, on the first row, we have
19,561 barrels of removed tax-paid keg beer., On the second row, we have 90,653 barrels
of removed tax-paid case beer. On the third row, we have 36,274 barrels of
tax-paid beer used at a tavern on brewery premises. On the fourth row, we have 10,326 gallons
of beer exported outside the US, and finally no other taxable transactions on the seventh
row. Once the figures are entered, click “Next.” On the “Exemptions” page, remember to
report all values to the nearest gallon. You must retain supporting documentation for
any claim for exemption from tax at the licensed premises for all transactions. In our example, we have 10,326 gallons of
beer exported or sold for export outside the US on the second row and 20,478 gallons of
beer exported, or sold for export within the US. Click “Next.” On the Summary page, review the information
displayed. If you need to make corrections, click the “Previous” button to return to the applicable pages to edit information. If everything is correct, click “Next”
to proceed. Enter your required information and click
“Submit.” When you click “Submit,” a window will
appear to confirm your intent to file electronically and that your return is true, correct, and
complete. Please read the information carefully. Enter your password and click “OK” to
submit. This will serve as your authorization and
confirmation. You will not receive a confirmation email. This Confirmation page represents a return
filing only. To make an electronic payment, click “Make
a Payment.” To print your submitted return, click “Print
Return.” If you still have questions, please call our
Customer Service Center at 1-800-400-7115.

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