How to File Diesel Fuel Claims for Refund and Reports
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How to File Diesel Fuel Claims for Refund and Reports

October 22, 2019

[Music] In this video, we will show you how to file
Diesel Fuel Claims for Refund and Reports for the following:
Diesel Fuel Claim for Refund on Nontaxable Uses, Diesel Fuel Ultimate Vendor
Report/Claim for Refund, and Claim for Refund on Nontaxable
Sales and Exports of Diesel Fuel. We protect all the confidential information
that you provide to us. First, go to the website, CDTFA.CA.GOV, and
at the top select “Login.” That will take you to the Online Services
Portal. To file a diesel fuel claim for refund, you
must log in with a username and password. For assistance with creating a username and
password, please watch our tutorials online. On this screen, you will see a list of available
tax and fee programs. In this example, we are filing a claim for
refund for diesel fuel taxes, which is a part of the Fuel Taxes program. Click on the “File, Pay, and View” link
located here. On the CDTFA online services page, enter your
username and password. Then click “Login.” On the portal home page, under the Accounts
tab, select the account for which you want to file a claim for refund. If you are filing a Claim for Refund on Nontaxable
Sales and Exports of Diesel Fuel, select the “Diesel Exempt Seller” hyperlink. If you are filing a Diesel Fuel Claim for
Refund on Nontaxable Uses, select the “Diesel Exempt User” hyperlink. Or, if you are filing a Diesel Fuel Ultimate
Vendor Report/Claim for Refund, select the “Diesel Ultimate Vendor” hyperlink. In this example, we are filing a Claim for
Refund on Nontaxable Sales and Exports of Diesel Fuel, so we will click on the “Diesel
Exempt Seller” hyperlink. This will take us to the Diesel Exempt Seller
account page. Please note, this is how it will also appear
for the Diesel Exempt User and Diesel Ultimate Vendor account pages. Under the Periods tab, select the period for
which you would like to file. In our example, we will file for the 3rd quarter
2019 period which is displayed by its return end date of September 30th, 2019. Click the “File Return” hyperlink next
to the period for which you are filing. Please note that all Claim Forms/Reports are
referenced as Returns. This brings us to the File Attachment page. The CDTFA has developed Excel templates for
specific tax forms. These templates may be used to create a FLAT
(FLT) file. FLT files were created for entities that may
enter data manually in software applications like Excel or Access. You can download the appropriate template
by clicking HERE. If you need more information, you can click
HERE to visit the Motor Fuels Online Filing webpage, where you may read the Motor Fuels
FLAT (FLT) and EDI Filing Guide and view other helpful resources. After downloading the template, ensure that
macros are enabled by selecting “Enable Content” or by following the steps provided
on the General Information tab. The General Information tab includes general
instructions for general data entry, completing your Cover and Schedule worksheets, and general
information regarding your specific claim form. Specific instructions for your applicable
template and links to other resources, including instructions on completing schedules, are
provided on the Instructions tab. Complete the Schedule on the Schedule tab
first, referring to the Instructions tab as needed. View an example of a completed schedule by
selecting the Examples tab of our Motor Fuels FLAT (FLT) File and EDI Filing Guide. Next, as an option to help you complete your
return and calculate the tax due, prepare the Tax Refund Computation worksheet, located
on the Diesel – Tax Refund Computation tab. Next, you will complete the return located
on the Cover tab. If you’ve completed the Diesel – Tax Refund
Computation Worksheet, enter those figures into the corresponding cells
on the Cover tab. Review the General Information tab for detailed
instructions for completing the Cover worksheet. Once you have completed the Cover worksheet,
save your file with the data input for this claim form for your records. Next, you will create an FLT File. From the Instructions tab, click on the cell,
“Press Enter to create FLT file,” and press enter. You will be required to identify a file name
and location for your flat file. Once you complete the template and create
the flat file, click the “Add” button on the File Attachment page. Enter a description. You can enter
any description you like. We do not have any file naming conventions. In this example, we entered the description
of Sept 2019. Then select “Choose File” to upload your
flat file. Next, click the “Save” button. Your file will now appear under
the Attachments header. If there is an error, you can click the ”Remove”
hyperlink, make corrections to your flat file template, create a new flat file, and readd
the file if needed. After uploading the flat file, we will proceed
by clicking “Next.” On the Summary page, review the information
displayed. If you need to make corrections, click the
“Previous” button to return to the applicable pages to edit information. If everything is correct, click “Next”
to proceed. Enter the required information to certify
your claim and click “Submit.” When you click “Submit,” a window will
appear to confirm your intent to file electronically and that your return is true, correct, and
complete. Please read the information carefully. Enter your password and click “OK” to
submit. This will serve as your authorization and
confirmation. You will not receive a confirmation email. This Confirmation Page represents
your filing only. To print your submitted claim for refund,
click on the “Print Return” button. If you still have questions, please call our
Customer Service Center at 1-800-400-7115.

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