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How to find composition of planets& star?|Spectroscopy|Curiousminds97

October 13, 2019

Light from a source that passes through a
prism can produce a spectrum of colors. This is what Issac Newton realized back in
the date. But if you look at the spectrum closely , you
can clearly see that the rainbow is interrupted by dark black lines. This was first observed by Joseph Von Fraunhofer
and hence the name Fraunhofer lines. This is what the sun’s absorption spectrum
looks like. The dark black lines that you can see are
the lines that we are talking about. Atoms of the sun are made up of electrons. When these electrons absorb photons of a certain
wavelength or energies , they move to a higher orbit. Hence when the photon gets absorbed they no
longer appear in the spectrum and hence the black line. Each substance produces a unique spectrum
almost like a fingerprint. Like you can see some of the spectrums here. So we were talking about absorption spectrum. So what is an emission spectrum? So emission spectrum is opposite of absorption
spectrum. In absorption spectrum any gas or the substance
absorbs light and hence that wavelength is missing from the spectrum you are looking

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