How to find the right composition Montreal
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How to find the right composition Montreal

October 22, 2019

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  1. Tu viens à Montréal sans prévenir 🙁 peut-être la prochaine fois! Je quitte pour Valensole demain soir. À +

  2. Haha. Thanks Serge for the video. I'm gonna be in Montreal this weekend for 1 day. Hopefully I can create something. 😃

  3. Great video as always. Nice to see you in friendly Canada! Have you thought about a video on social media workflow?? Your photos look crisp and vibrant on instagram.

  4. Sorry, Serge, first video that I disliked from your great collection and work. These compositions are not even "OK photos" or compositions. There is nothing in there and you have simply been at the wrong spot for sunset. From a distance, I would probably have tried combining the dome with the bridge or the ferris wheel from another high view point. But the rooftop you were shooting from is just too far away from interesting views and always has a messy foreground.

  5. Serge I am from Montreal and would love to shoot from that roof. Where is it located in old Montreal?

  6. La prochaine fois, tu devrais aller à la cité du havre pour faire une photo de Montréal à la pénombre.

  7. I really love the idea of retouch challenges. But not for the potential publicity. Just for the fun of it and possible to get some opinion on it. In fact I kind of do NOT want to put some1 else's photos on my instagram.
    How about making a challenge like that and then make a video where you just give your opinion/feedback on as many as is feasible.
    Sure that is always a matter of taste (just as for MY taste you went a bit heavy handed on those sliders today), but I d still be interrested. Very much though, caz it got to be more educational then getting opinions for non photographers that say WOW on the worst HDR imaginable.

    Anyways thanks for the vid. And sorry for some of the comments you got.

  8. Great video as always! Could you make a video talking about the best settings to export from Lightroom for files on 500px?

  9. i am @mc4photography 😀 , thank you Serge , you re great guy , it s really rare to finde people like you . thank you for everything

  10. Hey Serge, I've been following you for quite a while now and since you love editing photos so much, how about we send you some RAW photos from which you chose the best one every second week or so and give it your touch. Maybe you can also compare it to the retouch of the person, who took and edited the picture. I would love to see you taking pictures and talk about why you chose the settings for a photo. Don't get me wrong, seeing you edit pictures is awesome but seeing you out in the field hunting for the next great picture would be amazing 🙂

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