How to Fix After Effects CC 2018 Composition Preview Doesn’t Show Anything
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How to Fix After Effects CC 2018 Composition Preview Doesn’t Show Anything

September 13, 2019

I usually create something in Illustrator and import it to After Effects. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to use After Effects for a while Because My composition preview doesn’t work. Let’s see how to fix this. Run the “Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool” link in the description box below. This is optional, just set the font larger. Now type “e” and hit enter to choose a language. If you agree with this following step then type “y” and hit enter. Now we are going to fix the host file and host file in number 12 So, type 12 and hit enter on your keyboard. I’m using Adobe After Effects CC 2018 and that also include the following options. Type “y” if you want to really fix the host file. Now it’s done. Run the After Effects if you see it’s working then alright. Again run the cleaner tool. And this time I’ll do little bit faster. Here you need to select the version Type the number and hit enter. I’m going to clean only after effects and that is in number 2. If you have same then type 2 and hit enter on your keyboard. Now type “y” and hit enter to confirm. This might take a while. As you can see it’s completed successfully. Close the following program. Now re-install the After Effects. Welcome back after re-installing After Effects CC 2018. Run the After Effects. Create a new composition. And create a new layer into the timeline. And here we go. This may help you.

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  1. Dude. . .. please post this in the forums. So many people with this problem that I hope find this video

  2. If you are using an ASUS laptop or PC, make sure that Sonic Suite is turned off – I tried a number of options and this fixed the composition preview issue for me. There is a thread on the Adobe forums about it

  3. GUYS… I SOLVED ID OTHERWISE. I notices that my timeline (blue line) was out of composition I opened. When I just move with mouse through my timeline when I open composition it shows.

  4. DANGER ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ this crap unistall de aplication ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ cuidado que esta mierda quita el programa del PC

  5. Well I did purge cache, reinstal ae, reinstall graphic and tried to install older versions of AE and older graphic drivers drivers like ten times – I had also tried to change AE setting, but nothing helped. I have read few threads on Adobe forums and for some people this problem is at this time not resolvable.

  6. This is NOT a solution. I within the last 5 days reinstalled my entire operating system with a fresh installation of ALL Abobe software. All driver's are up to date. On day 2 After Effects worked perfectly. Now it's day 5, nothing in the system has changed and I have no composition preview. I'm really beginning to hate Adobe products.

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