How To Fix Stutter In Games – Frame Rate, Frame Time & RTSS
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How To Fix Stutter In Games – Frame Rate, Frame Time & RTSS

October 9, 2019

Hi my name is Chris and this is Battle(non)sense Over the past few years I have made several
videos about G-Sync and FreeSync where I explained how they work
and what you must pay attention to to ensure that your gaming experience benefits
from these technologies. So, with a variable refresh rate monitor you
no longer get tearing and games feel very smooth. Or at least they should feel very smooth. Since I made the first video on that subject,
I’ve got many messages from viewers as well as patrons,
who told me that they are not happy with their new
high refresh rate G-Sync or FreeSync monitor because even though they no longer get tearing,
games just don’t feel very smooth. So why is that? A variable refresh rate monitor eliminates
tearing by adaptively changing its refresh rate
to match the frame rate that the game is running at. Or in other words
these monitors will show you a new image as soon as they receive it from the graphics
card. That is as long as your frame rate is inside
the variable refresh rate range of the monitor, because when you play at 150FPS on a 144Hz
monitor then it simply cannot refresh 150 times per
second as there is a 144Hz panel inside your monitor. So, to get a tear free image
you must ensure that your frame rate stays inside the variable refresh rate range of
your monitor Which is why you simply cap the frame rate
at less than the maximum refresh rate of the display. However,
we do not only want to eliminate tearing, we also want games to feel smooth. And when it comes to that
then there is one little detail that many players miss. So how can we get games to feel smooth or
consistent. Let me show you something in Warframe. I think you will agree that this sounds very
consistent. Now how about this one. Even though I did not change the number of
notes, it does not sound right it stutters That is because I changed the pacing,
or the time between the notes. So, the inconsistent pacing is what makes
it sound wrong. Some of you will surely know where I am going
with this. To achieve a tear free and smooth or consistence
gameplay experience you must not only ensure that your frame rate
stays below the maximum refresh rate of your G-Sync or FreeSync monitor
you must also ensure that the monitor receives frames at a steady pace. So, what you must look at is frame pacing,
or frame time which tells you how much time there is between
the frames that get send to your monitor. To check that value,
you just have to download the Riva Tuner Statistics Server,
or RTSS which is also part of the MSI After Burner
in case that you want to get even more data like GPU and CPU loads. So, Inside of RTSS you
Enable Show own statistics go to
Setup And Enable the frametime history overlay Inside the game you can then see how consistent
or inconsistent the frame pacing and frame rate is. So, as you can see here,
There is quite a bit of variation especially when a lot is happening on your
monitor. This is why the game does not feel smooth
even on a high refresh rate G-Sync or FreeSync monitor. To fix this you must do 2 things.
First, you must lower a few graphic settings to increase
the minimum FPS. Especially in fast paced or competitive games
you want your frame rate to be as high as possible at all times
as more frames per second do not only result in a smoother gameplay experience
but also, less input lag. And second,
you must find an FPS value that your system can maintain even when there is a lot happening
on the monitor, as otherwise the game will stutter and fell
unresponsive in critical situations which you want to avoid. This process is a bit tedious
because you will start by selecting an FPS value for the in-game FPS limiter which is
slightly below the maximum refresh rate of your G-Sync or FreeSync monitor.
And then slowly decrease this value until you find one where your system can provide
a stable frame rate. It will take some time to find the best value,
especially in multiplayer games where your system might not be able to maintain the same
frame rate in all the game modes or on all maps. In games like Battlefield V you also must
use the console to enter a specific FPS value for the in-game FPS limiter
Because the setting inside the options menu does not allow you to do that, as it sadly
only provides a few presets. However, if you don’t want to open the console
and enter the FPS limit every time you launch the game.
Then you can create a user.cfg file inside the Battlefield V folder
where you enter gametime.maxvariablefps followed by the value. So, let’s say that you have found a frame
rate that your PC can maintain, but the frame times are still not as consistent
as you want them to be. This should remind you of that example I showed
you earlier in Warframe, where I just had to change the time between
the notes to make it sound wrong. This is where the FPS limiter comes into play. The limiter that is built right into the engine
of a game does provides the lowest input lag,
but not the most stable frame times. Depending on the game,
the engine and even the version of the engine,
you will see a difference in how consistent the frame times are when using the built-in
FPS limiter. Over the years I have tested many different
frame rate limiters. But only RTSS provides those perfectly stable
frame times while increasing the input lag by just one
frame. I have not found any other FPS limiter which
is able to do both. So, when I disable the in-game FPS limiter
– or select a very high value when the game does not have an unlimited setting
And then use RTSS to limit the frame rate Then you can see that I get perfectly stable
frame times and so, a very smooth gameplay experience
as my graphics card is now feeding my monitor with new frames at a very steady pace. If you still see spikes in your frame time
while using RTSS to limit your framerate, then you must either lower the frame rate
limit further or lower your graphic settings a bit more,
as RTSS cannot provide consistent frame times when your system is unable to provide frames
at the required pace. Now what if your system is unable to maintain
the same frame rate in all games you play. To address that you can add profiles inside
of RTSS And then set a different FPS limit per game
to ensure that your monitor receives those frames at a steady pace,
no matter which game you play. You could even click on the “Framerate limit”
text to toggle between framerate and frame time
limits, but entering a frame rate limit will do for
most players. So, to get the best experience you should
lower your graphic settings to increase your frame rate as slightly worse graphics won’t
bother you as much as when the frame rate drops to less than
60. And I recommend that you use RTTS to cap the
frame rate at a value that your system can maintain at least 95% of the time
to get those perfectly stable and smooth frame times. Also, even though I focused on G-Sync and
FreeSync displays in this video because that’s what the original question
was about you can also apply what I showed here if you
don’t own a monitor that supports a variable refresh rate. And that’s it for today.
If you have more questions then please leave them in the comments down below
and I will try to answer as many as I can. Also, massive shout out to my patrons for
their support, especially during times where my day job sadly
does not allow me to make as many videos as I usually do.
But it looks like things start to calm down again in the office
Which means less overtime and more spare time to work on new content. If you like the content that I release on
my channel and would like to support me then you can find a link to my Patreon in
the description down below where you will also find links to my social
accounts in case that you want to stay up to date on
the videos that I am working on. So, if you enjoyed this video then please
give it a like subscribe for more and I hope to see you next
time! Until then,
have a nice day and take care, my name is Chris
and this was Battle(non)sense

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  1. Can someone help, i have a 144Hz monitor and 144fps but I'm not smooth like before. I'm so sad because of this

  2. Omg I've been wandering the internet trying to figure it out why the fuck my 144Hz monitor with a Top notch video card looks like crap when playing games even when im at 144Hz, nobody could explain it like you. thanks!

  3. Wozu ist dann G-Sync noch vorhanden?

    Wenn man die Frametimes anhand der Framerate und Grafikeinstellungen optimiert, VSYNC bei GSYNC aktiviert sein muss um Tearing zu vermeiden, was macht dann das GSYNC Modul am Ende?

  4. Now i feel like an idiot investing in an ultra high refreshrate monitor (240hz) when i can have a smoother experience at capped 100 fps -.- with these limits even reaction times of VA or IPS panels shouldnt be a problem anymore…

  5. Hi I was wondering if you can try and see if you can do anything with the game called Blade and Soul. Currently game is so badly optimized and few people have tried to fix FPS drops, lags and stutters with little or no luck. I hope you can work your magic and help us with this game. Tnx

  6. I have problem with game black desert online, fps are all time stable but then I have huge frametime spike and fps drops from 100 fo 90 and there is some kind freeze. Could you please help me? I don't know what else I can do.

  7. So i have 60hz 1080p ultrawide monitor and gtx 1060. What is the best setting should i set to enjoy play csgo competitively? ( i am so confused right now ) 🙁

  8. Frame timing can make games feel like microstutter take fallout 4 for example i notice it alot in games and i have a gsync display i use RTSS to mitigate it but i wanted to ask why doesnt everyone notice the issue with the frame timings?

  9. i get a lot of frame-time stutter where my screen would literally freeze for a split second, in competitive games its annoying but this problem also persist in like settings if i click something i see a second delay then it loads up, i torrent a lot could it be a mining virus on my pc? i dont see 100% utilization tho it pisses me off

  10. OMG it helped me to fix the stuttering on my MSI laptop! all games ran really poorly, i didn't know why, until now, thank you man

  11. This is not the answer I was hoping for. I noticed GPU usage sometimes drops down to as low as 0% in BoyFriend V and those are the times when I experience stuttering, even though I get over 100 PFS on average, everything feels smooth and tearing-less most of the time and I game on a G-sync screen. They usually happen when you destroy a vehicle or when you die.

  12. Hey guys,
    I would like to know if using RTSS affects badly competitive games like CS:GO or LOL ?
    I'm pretty new to this stuff and not sure how RTSS's little input lag affects those.

  13. deberías hacer un video de la diferencia con scanline sync y sin scali e sync o usando scaline sync vs limitador que toda la vida hemos usado del riva tuner me explico?

  14. I'm trying to use the screen overlay on steam games and i could't get it to work. What's up with that? I have the steam overlay disabled, since i want the RTSS tools to work. With that, i can't adjust my frametime. I've done this with Warface and it works. Is there any workaround for it to work with steam games?

  15. Please benchmark the new Nvidia Low Latency Mode, Off vs ON vs Ultra..Only you can do this, please enlighten us..

  16. got some nice info from this video. Got the rtss and frame capped my 144hz monitor down to 120 fps, where i get a steady number, also for the frame pacing 8,3ms.
    But games still isnt smooth . mostly noticable when walking sideways. pretty sad

  17. Heck I have RTX 2080Ti and I7-9700k and have had problem with stutter and freezes but nothing seems to work. We swapped cards with my friend and my friend got way less stutter and problems. Some games work wonderfully and some do not. Some games used to work but not anymore. Like GTA V online works like a charm, but risk of rain 2 and bo2 do not work at all. Huge freezes and stutters. No matter what people told me to try, nothing changes. I feel like I am just cursed ;m;

  18. But I wanna keep my Need for speed Heat at high settings, can I just ignore the 1st half of dropping quality and still benefit from this?

  19. Oh my GOD. Finally a fix that works!! Thank you so much, I've been trying to find a fix for my micro stutters for years.

  20. Let’s say I can keep 100fps in every game at all times and I limit FPS to 100. Let’s say I have a 144hz monitor. Is GSync useless in that situation? Or it will still be useful because of the 100-144 mismatch?

  21. At 6:18 when ur frame rate stutters to 99 from 100, was that b/c of the fact that ur hardware couldn’t keep up or that the limiter once in a blue moon goes below the limit? I find in some games like Battlefront 2 or Gears 4 no matter what I set the FPS limiter it will stutter every once in a while. Still better than the alternative of an uncapped frame rate but something I find annoying.

  22. Hey, i have no idea if someone answer this.
    If i have monitor 120hz without g-sync/free-sync and i set game to be capped 100 fps by RTSS it still helps ?

    or should i use normal v-sync on in game ?

  23. I'm struggling with a jerky mouse movement, doesn't matter if I upgraded my mobo 3 times, cpu, monitor 144hz, mouse, gpu, OS, Nothing! I can only experience a smooth movement when I play with a controller plugged in.

  24. I have a 144hz monitor (not gsync or freesync) and i only play CSGO. Should i limit my FPS in CSGO's console to 144fps or on this RTSS software?

  25. Will capping your fps through RTSS to get stable frametimes increase your input lag?Please reply sir.I currently use 90FPS limit through RTSS no v-sync and no ultra low latency mode from nvidia.My frametimes are now stable with gpu load 90-95% but i dont know about its effect on input lag so let me know.

  26. You are insaaaaaaaaaaane!

    Thank you for all of your videos. As an engineer I understand what it takes to understand and find out what is really causing a problem. Thank you, you are a real Professional!

  27. How to fix stutter in games. From a paranoid PC optimization freak.
    1. processing units are no joke. THEY RUN YOUR PROGRAMS, after all. This is why RAM or CPU OC is very risky compared to a expensive GPU that may be able to gate. This affects any CPU, even Ryzen 2000, all i5s i7s, after a certain voltage point, they also degrade and if they degraded enough could cause stutter (i pushed 1,43v for my 2600x on a cheap board, now it only runs stock and barely runs RAM at CL14 timings, used to run those with 3333 now it was a struggle to get 3200). TL;DR may be throttling on inside not just the package temp. Check if it's stable if you OC.
    2. If you tweak registry, some settings can conflict. Windows is very sensitive, that's why people are reluctant to mess with it, as some people do spread snake oil.
    3. Make sure your monitor can actually handle higher Hz and is not just overclocked to 'drive' it to make more of them; could be a batch, but realy just monitor. AOC G2460PF has interpolated problems feeling more like 120hz due to 'hitching' on many models, including mine; using HDMI at up to 70hz makes it goaway (pixel clock not limit, it's just the monitor hardware. Still '144hz'?!)
    4. Could be a faulty mouse, sometimes disconnecting USB if your mobo port is loose? And connecting, you get a hitch? Could be the cable but could just be the USB port. NOT because of 1000hz (literally any modern CPU can run a 1000hz mouse, even Ryzen 1)

    In short, keep it simple, don't be stupid, don't fuck with it if it ain't broken unless you know what you're doing, and don't buy monitors that are dodgy.

  28. I would like for you to test this with CSGO. In CSGO I will have fps at all times way above my 144hz panel in my monitor. Will capping fps at i.e. 300 with RTSS, assuming I will not drop below this, help reduce frametimes and reduce input lag?

  29. 400+ fps

    good ping

    0% choke or lag

    gaming running at 144hz

    vsync off

    still feels like im like slow it just does not feel smoth.

    help pls

  30. Hey man thanks for this hint about RTSS. However, have you heard of the infamous autosave stutter in Far Cry 5 / New Dawn? This seems impossible to fix. Whenever you pickup throwing knives or arrows, the game autosaves and stutters a bit. You can see that the frame time goes up (up to 4 times higher than normal).

  31. So I tried playing the new COD game. I got had a steady 90 fps but O coudn't move my mouse. When I pressed the left mousebutton the rifle shoot after 3 seconds. I don't know why it's doing this. Can it be my cpu i(5-6400)? But I have 100 fps when playing gta even though my cpu is at 80%. My graphics card is a 1070 ti.

  32. Hab dich gerade erst entdeckt und sofort gemerkt dass du deutscher bist mit deinem Sinn hinter Erklaerungen! HAHA. Ab gehts. Subscriped!

  33. logical explanation, i'm look further about this. Which is better to improve muscle memory with less input lag, Freesync enable or disable while both using frame cap?

  34. i used what you said on 144hz non g-sync or freesync monitor and it's smooth but there is a wierd tearing line and annoying how to fix that ?

  35. Stutter can also because caused by an overloaded CPU or bad drivers, or system settings.
    My old 3960x with a 2080ti would often stutter unless I applied a bunch of settings with the command prompt, and even if I did too much stuff it would still stutter.
    With my 3900x I rarely stutter now, and if I do it's due to the game itself, and I don't even need to apply the previously mentioned tweaks anymore.
    The driver is a big one, keep a look at your DPC latency if you have issue, since that can really, really cause terrible stutters. I know the network driver on my old system caused issues if I had the wrong version or settings.

  36. Hi, thanks for the video i find out that my input lag was already stable. The issue i have however it's a lot of "lag peak" in Overwatch. My stable lag is 50ms but it's moving between 50ms and 90 in one sec several time during a game. I need to get "better internet" ? Maybe because i'm on wifi ?

  37. Was getting random frame drops down to 20-30 fps with a normal consistent 144 fps on fortnite which i had the in-game limiter set to and this completely fixed the problem, thanks my man liked & subbed!

  38. But what if you’re able to set your graphics settings so that your minimum FPS is above what your max refresh rate is? Then by locking the max FPS to max refresh rate and the minimum FPS being above they already, would you just get steady FPS at the max refresh rate without it budging? And would that automatically make the time steady and not spike? I’ve played games where the FPS holds at 144(I have a 144hz monitor) and I have no issues and then I have played other games where it’s at 144 FPS sometimes and then it may dip down to 100 or it will hold at like 110 and not vary that much but then suddenly it will stutter big time and when it does the FPS drops quite a bit then goes back when the stuttering stops. It also happens a lot when I go to shoot a weapon and will sometimes take a single click that would be a single shot and it will stutter and then shoot like full auto for half a second. I don’t want to have to download all this stuff and monitor all this crap and blah blah so can I just lower the graphics settings until I don’t see the FPS dip at all and it stays locked at 144 and I won’t experience any issues?

  39. Ye i dont know what my Problem is i have a 240hz Monitor and Gsync. And in BFV i have like 95-120 Fps most of the times but it just doesnt feel smooth only if im like very far away from Combat and stuff. Otherwise its just like micro lags and stutters. Its like if you turn from left to right side with your mouse it just micro stutters sometime and it feels like my fps dropped to 60 of something

  40. When im playing Overwatch with the ingame build in FPS Limiter (I set it at 160 and it stays consistently at 160fps ) and running the RTSS OSD with no FPS Limit , the frametime curve is overall linear but always with minimal spikes continiously (jumps between 6.1 and 6.4 sec). BUT! When i set the global FPS Limiter of RTSS at 162fps (while still having the 160fps limit in Overwatch) my Frametime curve is completely linear with no spikes at all (stays at 6.2) . My question: Why is it more consistent? It doesn´t make any sense for me:D PS: Sorry for my poor english:D

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