How To Frame A Picture: Taping The Back
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How To Frame A Picture: Taping The Back

October 9, 2019

For taping off the back of the frame Sarah
from Framing Online is going to have scissors, tape, stanley knife and her frame ready to
go. If you have your own frame there just lay it gently face-down. Take your new roll
of tape, pull it across the back of your framed image. Take the left-hand side of that and
apply firm pressure and pull it across, down to the right and use your stanley knife to
cut it to the edge. Gently cut in on either side of your frame onto the tape and then
use your fingers to firmly apply pressure firstly just on the inside of the rebate and
then against the base once you’ve pulled your tape in. And then use your thumb to exert
firm pressure to make sure your tape attaches and bonds well. Turn your frame around. Apply
your tape again. Trim just slightly inside from the edges, take your stanley knife and
cut it in neatly to the corners of the frame. Push your finger in, bring your tape down
and apply firm pressure on the inside edge of the frame, then firmly apply the rest of
the tape. If you don’t have a stanley knife take a pair of ordinary kitchen scissors,
put your tape on evenly at one end, pull it across to the other end of your frame, just
trim it with the scissors on the inside edge just inside the frame width and use the scissors
just to cut on the inside where it sits against the frame edge. Trim it on the inside edge
so that you can firmly apply your tape against the inside edge of your frame and then against
the flexi-tab. That looks great. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to
call us or email us at Framing Online.

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  1. Great video! I have a frame that's about 2-3 times that size, would taping still work? I want to remove old picture and replace it, but I need tips

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, I assume the reason to tape the back is to seal the picture from insects and dampness? However can't dampness get in from the glass edges on the viewing side of the picture? Are there other reasons to tape the frame? I assume a complete seal is preferred? (I have 20 frames with strings & rings which I will need to remove before taping I guess?)

  3. Hi, This was very helpful.. Can you help advise me with the glass staying dust free? When I frame the picture and turn it over I always find very very tiny spec of dust or a tiny fiber of cloth or just something under the glass after I have put it all together… I have tried this 4 times and every time a tiny spec of dust of fiber off a piece of fabric ends up on the inside of the glass and I am really frustrated… no matter how carefully I clean it. Have you got any tips? Do you use antic cloths or sprays on the glass before you fit it together? Many thanks…great video.

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