How to Frame a Picture: Tying Cord
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How to Frame a Picture: Tying Cord

August 25, 2019

Sarah from Framing Online is going to show
you how to attach your tri-hangers and tie your cord off. For this you’ll have your cord
and your tri-hangers in your bag. You’re going to need a Phillips screwdriver just to attach
your two tri-hangers. Both for portrait and landscape we will have
shown you the correct point a third of the way down from your framed image to hang your
frame on the wall. Screw the tri-hangers into the appropriate holes for portrait or landscape
hanging with the triangle ring facing inwards. Tie one end of the cord to the left-hand side
tri-hanger with a basic overhand knot. Repeat 3 times. This firmly secures it to the tri-hanger.
Sarah is going to feed the remaining cord through the right-hand side tri-hanger and
back through the left-hand side. We will give you a very long piece of cord so feel comfortable
just pulling it tight there should be plenty there. And use your scissors just to trim
it up to make it easy to tighten. To maintain tension while tying off grasp both cords at
the left-hand side. Repeat the overhand knot including both cords and repeat four to five
times. Cut the excess cord off. And this will secure your framed item safely and tidily
ready for hanging. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to
call us or email us at Framing Online. [email protected]

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