How to Frame a Picture: Without a Mat
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How to Frame a Picture: Without a Mat

October 21, 2019

Framing Online has sent you a frame without
a mat. Sarah is going to show you how to insert the item. Now take your frame and put it onto
a smooth surface. Lay it over. Peel back your flexi-tabs. If you find that they are stiff,
just find a ruler or any handy slim item to ease them up. When taking the backing out,
if it’s a bit stiff just use the ruler to ease the side of it out, otherwise just pull
it out and lay it to the side. Take your item, put it in the frame, just check for the dust
when you do that, make sure everything looks clean and clear. Put your backing on. As you
can see – around the frames we use D-rings and cord to tie this one off.
But you may in fact have got a frame with a hang-tab. When you receive your frame with
a hang-tab you might find the hang-tab is not on the side that you’re going to hang
your item. Now Sarah is going to take the backing out, she going to take the hang-tab
and put it onto the other side and make sure it’s in the centre. Once again check the glass
is clean, insert your item, put your backing in. If they’re stiff, the flexi-tabs, just
use a ruler to push any of them down. Turn it over, check it’s clean and there it is.
Thank you Sarah and from all the team at Framing Online. If you have any queries don’t hesitate
to call us or email us at Framing Online.

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