How to frame a Shipping Container House Part 3 – Living Tiny Project – Ep. 031
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How to frame a Shipping Container House Part 3 – Living Tiny Project – Ep. 031

September 13, 2019

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  1. Great video as usual. I would suggest drone footage. "Fly it around the house, circle it one way then the other". Maybe fly through a few of the windows to completely show the orientation of the structure and the surrounding vistas. Of course, more Q &A is always good. Keep up the great work. You two are awesome. Pz to all.

  2. I have to say i all ways look forward to your video's, the standard of work from both of you is very high, you are building a home with a solid foundation, some may say it a over kill. but i will say it's your home for the future, keep the standard high. as for the strikes they suck big time. don't worry i will find something to do next Monday, i hope.

  3. You can make a video to show us what tools do you use for this and where is the best place to get them or how to desing your shipping container home with a small animation like the intro one ore something.

  4. Hello again from down in Louisiana. Looking good, keep up the good work! I'm thinking about setting up a tiny house myself.

  5. Good, tidy work. Interested to hear about your decisions for wall insulation and what material you are choosing. Worth thinking now about where are the electrical and water services will go. Electric cabling can probably run behind studs.

  6. I think you should talk about more in depth how did you learn how to weld and to make things so fast without pervious experience.
    That would be interesting to know or tell us more about you two. 😊
    Great job by the way 👍🏼
    And keep up the good work. Blessings

  7. You guys have me looking forward to Mondays! Appreciate you both! …..the dog could use a proper introduction. Perhaps you have 5 minutes of funny compiled mistakes. Cheers!

  8. I thought only aluminum with steel would have a galvanizing problem. What kind of material are the studs made from.

  9. My friends!!! Thanks for your weekly updates. I don’t know how soon I will be able to help you out but I will.

  10. I think your window frames look really nice, I like the color. I have to say; your videos and your attitudes about life make me feel happy, it is like 20 minutes of perfect blue skies and sunshine. I certainly hope that the truck driver strikes are resolved and end soon and becomes well in your part of the world. Perhaps you could have a question and answer video and more design with drawing illustrations and discussion-explanation videos. I would hate to go a week without one of your videos. Good luck.

  11. I would also like to see your plans for plumbing (water, waste, etc.) and insulation. What you plan to use, why, inside, outside, and so on.
    Have any of your interior plans changed? What else goes under your raised floor? Anything about the future or any change in plans would be very interesting to see! Thanks! Great work by the way. Very impressive! And you are both still smiling too! ! 🙂

  12. Hi I am Donna You can talk about Paint Colors, Things you are going to put inside. The House is Beginning to Come to shape I Like it so far. I Love Your Show Every Week.

  13. Boa tarde, preciso saber onde vcs compraram o RECURSO TÉCNICO DE EMERGÊNCIA (vulgo Gambiarra) para colocar o parafuso em locais apertados. Tambem acho que isso e uma coisa pouco utilizável, mas e bom ter. Uma outra duvida minha, (talvez vcs tenham dito e me passou despercebido) pq vcs estão usando Alumínio e nao madeira, como vejo em muitos projetos.

  14. Why not edit a video about funny stuff heppend during shooting to feel the blank for the next week, something like Jackie Chen movies have…
    P. S. Love your work!
    Greetings from Croatia ✋

  15. As always Roberta and Duca a very good episode. An idea for next Monday…..maybe you could do a vlog about the surrounding area you are based and maybe introduce us to your neighbours. Maybe you could invite your parents over and introduce us to them also.

  16. Talk about or show what you are going to do with the electrical. The number of switches, type of lighting, number of outlets. Talk about what kind of electrical cable you are going to use, the gauge, type of circuit panel, how many circuits and things like that. I like your cheerful pleasant presentation… It’s always up-beat and positive. Cheers… Peter

  17. I’m not a
    Master carpenter but I guess you could have cut the windows wood trim on a 45 degree angle, also I would have use a 8×2 on the tv support part, it would have been stronger and you have more space to install the tv bracket.
    Good job guys

  18. A cada vídeo mais cara de casa.👌Muito show👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️

  19. Acompanho o canal, mto legal o trabalho de vcs, poderiam fazer um episódio mostrando todas as ferramentas utilizadas, especificações e o prq da escolha. Boa sorte no projeto

  20. I know Brazil has fewer regulations, in general, than the U.S., but do they have building standards, guidelines, regulations, and inspections for construction of homes? In the United States we have regulations telling us how far apart the studs have to be, and how well the walls have to be insulated, and so much more! We have to do electrical, plumbing, and general construction inspected and approved before the drywall can get put up.

    (This could potentially be a video topic) I can’t be the only one wondering about this.

  21. Just be really careful guys when your welding, if a big spark from the welder bounces across the floor and lands on those Styrofoam block it could very well burst into a huge out of control fire and totally destroy all the hard work you've done so far !!  Seeya Rob….also DO NOT EVER INHAIL THE SMOKE FROM BURNING STYROFOAM IT'S TOXIC !!

  22. Thank you guys again for great informative video, it is great to see all the progress first hand like this. Also, when you building your own and on your own, it is nice to see like you make sure all is 110% to your requirements, (like TV support), it is going to be extremely well built, hats off.
    Only thing I did not understand is, why brackets for the wall studs..? Couldn't you just weld them straight against the wall of the container without going extra mile of fabricating brackets and the timber that slid inside the studs?
    Obrigado 😉

  23. I always comment in first few minutes of watching as I`m so excited :).. now when I watched the whole thing, here is an idea for your next video (if you haven`t done it before already) . Lets show us your surroundings, the garden, the views, the way up to your land so we can get a perspective on your home sitting within the space that you have available.
    That would be awesome!

  24. Parabéns, fico admirado com cada um dos vídeos, pelo andamento e desempenho que vocês fazem a cada parte da obra, é inaceitável que fizeram tudo sem saber de nada, apenas com pesquisas, idéias, dicas e foram com mãos a obra; eu e minha noiva também queremos ter a nossa assim rsrsrs. Abraços

  25. Hi Guys: How about a biking/walking tour of your town, the coastline, hills, markets etc. It looks like a very pretty island. It might make a good presentation video for a larger project for the local tourist board. the old guy Bert

  26. the brackets are nice but it is unnecessary because once you add the sheet rock it will stabilize the wall and you will also adding the spray foam that will also make the stud sturdy

  27. Just found your channel and watched the whole play list on the container house. good stuff. from what I see you guys over engineer everything. which is a good thing. it will last for the most part. keep up the good work! Congrats From Florida.

  28. parabéns again vcs são de mais novamente muito obrigado por compartilhar as suas experiências conosco uhulll

  29. Congratulations !!! Great and amazing job. I'm Sergio and I live in Salvador, Bahia.

    I'm very interested in this build method and your videos show how it can be done by people without previous experience, but using some patience, joy and effort. I'll be following your videos. Some good ideas I've seen already will be used when our family will build our next house, not so tiny, but as pleasant as yours will be.

    God bless you.

  30. olá, estamos empolgados com a casa container, mas quando encontramos vocês com seu projeto,huuuu nos apaixonamos. Parabéns. tenho uma dúvida? A solda sem gás não sairia mais barata ou é ruim ? porque penso em fazer sem gás . Desde já agradeço e PARABÉNS ….Alex e Ju Rio Grande RS.

  31. Congrats Guys ! You´re doing a amazing job there, both at container and editing+sharing the videos with people like me, what *some day*, I´ll start with my own container house.

    Greetings from Argentina ( I really understand how complex and expensive can be build something in South america, rather than other country in the world.😠)

    PS Try to avoid work lay down on the floor, Mr. Back Pain is about to knock your door.😉

    Until Monday

  32. Great job! My wife and I enjoy your channel. I did notice you didn't have any studs in the corners which will make it difficult to attach the drywall or sheeting over on walls at the corner areas. You could couple up some studs in corners which would create an area to attach your wall sheeting. Thanks again have a good day.

  33. Felicitaciones chicos, los amo. Han avanzado mucho y ya se puede ver que la "Hometainer" quedará bellísima. Sólo les recomendaría usar los elementos de protección como lentes y guantes. Y tales puedan trabajar en un nuevo estudio de grabación o en algún proyecto fuera de la casa, un jardín o algo similar

  34. Just Subscribed Love Your Channel So Much Quality Information Thanks For This I Am And Will Continue To Support You 😃

  35. Take pictures of framing for future reference when attaching things to walls, you will know where your metal studs are located, electric wires & plumbing pipes. Good Luck, 👍 Vinny 🇺🇸

  36. When you were screwing one stud with the other stud in some places you used screws directly on the studs won't the electrons transfer between the different metals, as you said early as the reason for adding wood pieces inside the studs?

  37. Hola ! Les cuento a anoche me dormí a las 3 viéndolos, ya son las 8 y estoy hace rato mirándolos. Me compre un terreno y ame esta idea! Mil GRACIAS. Consulta los mensulas para la pared las soldas?

  38. Ha, I know what you are talking about next week, but as of right now I am only 2 months behind. Woo Hoo.
    So far it looks really nice. See you next week (2 months ago).

  39. Olá, sempre que posso acompanho seus vídeos. Estou na sequência da "série." Em relação a fixação das janelas, me digam se o parafuso transfixou o montante, a moldura de madeira e a forma de alumínio da janela? Gostei do arranjo do reforço da fixação para os montantes. Dessa forma vai ficar mais seguro fixar armários e TV…nas paredes! ?Vai suportar?

  40. Suggestion….maybe at the end of your videos have a Portuguese word or phrase of the week! Teach us english speakers how to say something in your first language. I know it's not building related but I think it would be fun. Also, I know I'm months behind in watching the process but I will catch up soon. God Bless!

  41. I came across your videos today. Great work. I,m behind but watching all today so i can catch up. Love the work so far. From Virginia us. Hv,e a blessed day.

  42. Duca e Roberta eu vi que estão utilizando estrutura própria para drywall.
    Percebi que as guias inferiores foram parafusadas diretamente na Madeira naval do piso.
    Vocês nos mostraram todo o sistema de fixação dos montantes (muito firme).
    Gostaria de saber como fixaram as guias superiores (do teto). Soldaram ou parafusaram no teto? Parafusaram ou soldaram da parede? Tem algum suporte como os utilizados nos montantes?
    Desde já muito obrigado e parabéns pelo projeto!

  43. Hola!!! Felicitaciones por el trabajo y gracias por compartirlo. Quisiera saber las dimensiones de los perfiles metálicos con los que realizaron el framing? Muchas gracias!

  44. I would have placed the wood inside the metal cross brace for the TV all the way from end to end for added support for the bracket. The thin metal sides of the cross brace won't be enough to hold the TV. That is why most people secure 2×6 braces for a TV. Also it seemed like a lot of wasted movements. Measure cut put the metal braces in place just to take them down to add the wood trim around the window and back up with the braces. Why did you but a hole in the outside wall to secure the metal brackets for the metal studs? Why not weld an "L" bracket to the inside of the wall to hold the metal stud? All you did was create 100 (?) slots that water can get into your walls.

  45. My question is – why frame the container with steel bar framing and not wood? Also will you insulte your container with Closed Cell Spray Foam?

  46. Hey Duca&Roberta… great video guys! Can you tell us what are the dimensions or size (I don't really know what word you use for that) for the metal studs, how long they are? and what's their width? Thanks

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