How to frame a Shipping Container – Living Tiny Project Ep. 030 Part 2
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How to frame a Shipping Container – Living Tiny Project Ep. 030 Part 2

October 25, 2019

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  1. Well done. You two jinxed (said the same thing at the same time, it was cute) a few times. Again, great content. The progress is steady and very good. On a side note, I win the wager. Kudos to me. Pz to all.

  2. IT"S MONDAY NIGHT, I get home from my 11 hour delivery run, make coffee sit down at the computer, open Youtube – my gosh where is Monday's update. i had to wait 15 min's :). You two are going great, so enjoyable to watch
    Just a couple of things if i may. do you have access to SketchUp if so which version, as i have drawings for ceiling framing, I also have drawings of ceiling panels that you slide in to place. i will send them to you
    If you are going to use gyprock – hardplaster you may need a stud return in the corners, I believe the spacing of studs, no more than 600 mm, depending on what type of internal lining weather it's gyprock or plywood remember to have joins meet over a stud. once again Great Job Well Done

  3. If you don't mind, I will try to add a Chinese version of the subtitle!!! But it will take sometime to do so!!

  4. A question: What are the materials and dimensions of the insulation you are using?
    Congrats for the project!

  5. I like the channel. I think It would be easier to weld the tops of the metal studs by drilling a hole in the sheet metal then weld to the metal tube. It's called a plug weld. Basically a spot weld in the hole you drilled in the sheet metal. Practice first it's easy to burn back the edges of the thin sheet metal because it's so much thinner than the tubing.

  6. Love your work! No reason to apologise for your slow progress, you guys are amateur builders creating something complicated and fantastic – presenting awesome entertainment! Can't wait till next week ^_^

  7. Bravo! Well done so far. A stronger or more powerful drill for the pilot holes will make the job easier and faster. When using the drillscrews always use a drill with a clutch so you don't injure yourselfs. You guys are doing great so far!

  8. Ao invés de parafusar os perfis metálicos no conteiner vocês podem soldar com a mig, aqui na minha região algumas empresas fazem assim. Vai ser mais rápido e pratico

  9. Love what you're doing and will continue watching. Hope this comes as a positive suggestion, maybe a little less sitting and talking and more video of doing. I would rather hear the narration while watching the doing. Love the documenting of this either way!

  10. Hi guys, nice job! Your metal studs will be nice and true (vertical and square). I'm not sure the horizontal dwangs above and below the windows were totally necessary but they certainly finish it off nicely and add strength. I'm interested to see how you screwed the window to the frame. I'm heading back to my container in a few weeks for a gas fitter to install our gas water heater. Will send you some pics.

  11. Hi guys. I love what you guys are doing.

    If I could make 2 suggestions.
    1. Have a small side project and build a workbench or maybe buy one. It makes working much more comfortable and it's safer as well.
    2. The self drilling screws are easier to screw in when using an electric drill and not a cordless battery operated drill. The electric drill has much more talk and this make the job much faster. This is in my experience.

    Keep it up. Cheers Glynn from Cape Town South Africa

  12. I'm honestly surprised you guys work/record/edit all of this, per week. You guys do awesome stuff and I've been watching since the start. Hello from Alaska!

  13. I know this is far too late, but when you build your second tiny house (bahahaha) I came across this video and gave me an idea for all your windows and doors – keep tabs while cutting out the window holes to create tabs you fold 90 degrees as brackets, maybe 2 on each side of the window!!! I just had to share it with you!!! Hind sight is an evil thing @@

  14. I do autobody repair for a living. We use a 3M product called Panel Bonding Adhesive to glue metal panels together. I hope to use that product when I do my shipping container house, instead of welding everything to the container.

  15. Eai duca blz? Nao sei se lembra de mim mas sou o tito agt fez umas fotos em floripa, canal ta mto irado.

  16. You're doing a great job guys but if you want an excellent job you need to stop every 20 mins and drink a cup of tea like we do here in England. Good luck

  17. Odd Life – can you tell me where to buy the aluminum i-beam/channel framing material you use in your container? I did not see it in the links above. Thanks!

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