How to Frame Black and White Photos : How to Mount Pictures to Frames
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How to Frame Black and White Photos : How to Mount Pictures to Frames

August 23, 2019

I mounted this picture to a piece of foam
core. It’s just a piece of slick paper that is in case with foam core (in foam) they call
it a foam core because of the foam that is on the edge. I actually adhere this one to
this piece so that when I set my matte over the top of it I can cut it out and have a
nice piece. I can cut it out
using my trusty knife (cutting) and if you don’t have a sharp knife, that is what happens.
But you continue to cut it out. We’re going to leave that alone for right now and go the
one that I already have cut. I chose not to mount this one because if you are doing it
at home this would be something you couldn’t do without going paying somebody to do it.
One of the other reasons I chose to do this is because this is a original picture. They
really didn’t want to mount it or lose much of it. We talked about several different options
they chose to go this direction, they chose to go this direction because they already
had a pre-existing 8 X 10 frame that I’m going to use to put here in. I cut the matte ,I
chose the white because it brings out the white in the ducks chest and it adds a little
bit of light to her face.

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  1. Hopefully she has some serious bandages nearby for when that razor-knife slips and takes off the fingers!

    Actually not a lot of useful info here – look elsewhere if you really want to learn about CORRECTLY mounting a photo. 🙁

  2. ooooo I wouldn't be touching the picture with my fingers…..I could be wrong because it may only have looked like you were touching it. You can buy light cotton gloves so you dont transfer any moisture/sweat to the image.

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