How to Frame Pastels Without a Mat & How to Store Pastel Paintings || Art Tips
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How to Frame Pastels Without a Mat & How to Store Pastel Paintings || Art Tips

August 26, 2019

Hi everyone! Today I’m showing you how I store and frame
my soft pastel paintings. I love the bright colors of soft pastels,
but they can be really messy and it’s difficult to store the paintings without getting the
pastel dust all over. First, I want to say that what I’m showing
you is not a professional way to store or frame art. These are just cheap and easy ways to do with
tools I already have. I usually store my pastel paintings in a pile
with baking paper between each paper so they don’t mess each other up. And the same goes for charcoal drawings. And this is how I frame pastel art or watercolor
and acrylic paintings on paper as well. For this one I’m using a cheap frame from
Ikea, which is actually not even a real glass frame. And because the pastel will smudge the glass,
if they touch, I want to try and leave a little space between them. So I cut strips of black paper… And fold them once to make them thicker and
place those in the edges between the glass and painting. This also gives the painting a border. You could also use a different color than
the frame to make the border stand out more, if you want. You can buy window mats for this purpose,
but this is an easy and cheap alternative way to do it yourself. And where do you find cheap frames? As I said this one was from Ikea, but you
can also find cheap frames from fleamarkets and second-hand stores, for example. Thanks for watching!

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  1. And here's how I keep pastel and charcoal drawings from smudging by using fixative spray:

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