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  1. Thanks bang,work di vivo z1 pro makasih banget bang,gua udah ganyaman banget sejak awal main ml pake hp ni serasa hp kentang
    Thansk bang ,subscribe

  2. It works for me for 2 days now it's not working it says my software doesn't support the game something like that . Can you help with this one.

  3. it worked on a second try but i want to ask one last question.
    Can i delete the other mobile legends and the chinese app and keep the hfr one?

  4. Fadli Erbakan  hows your A50 after speedy version? Lots of complaints from A50 users unstable signal and lag spikes all over. I got new A50 and I also experienced the above issues 😭
    I've done closing the game Launcher of Samsung or set it to balance performance. Helps little but not real solution of the problem. Any help from you or others is highly appreciated. Thanks

  5. it doesnt work now 🙁 it saids "Your hardware doesnt support this app" "Oops. restart the game"
    or inother words error
    how to fix?

  6. Min ini saya kok ada bacaan .Oops restart the game itu gimana ya?,, saya udah ulang trick nya tapi masih ttp ada bacaan itu

  7. Hi thanks for the solution my Realme 5 work fine with this trick

    But I wanna ask, my friend of mine using same with you SAMSUNG A50 but when launched ML it says you hardware doesnt support or something like that, can you help?

  8. This method works but problem is they released a Playstore update or patch of LING so the unity cant update without it so what can i do now? does the unity version need an update?how can i update without playstore? So i think u can clone not the unity but the original version and it will work maybe

  9. bang mau nanya knpa ya gua uda dowload apk unity Ml nya pas gua buka aplikasi ML nya langsung mnta update ,pdahal gua ad mtikan update otomatis dan protecknya ,tpi mncul untuk update versi baru nya ,
    solusinya gi mna ini bang

  10. Bang ane ko pas buka ml kan masuk patch masha nah ane disuruh update tapi cuma ada 2 pilihan play store sama samsung store trus updatenya lewat mana ya?
    Pusing ane bang gagal trus

  11. Sepertinya utk patch terbaru engine unity sudah tidak bisa digunakan lagi, akan segera buat video dengan pakai apk dari apkpure, ditunggu ya gan terima kasih 45k viewsnya ✌
    edit : bisa pakai engine dari apkpure, caranya sama seperti video ini cuma beda engine aja. linknya :

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