How To Grant Secondary Access
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How To Grant Secondary Access

September 11, 2019

[music] In this video, we will show you how to
grant secondary access to your account. Of course, all of this information is
confidential as you go through this process. Business owners or third parties can grant account access to secondary users without… additional security code requirements. To get started you must log in with a username and password. If you do not have one… and need assistance, please refer to our video tutorials on logging in. After logging into your account, click on Settings located on the Home page. Next click on “Secondary Logons”… located on the Profile tab under the
section titled, “I Want To.” Please note, if you do not see this functionality, you are not listed as a business owner… or a third party administrator. Please contact the owner of the account to obtain access to this functionality. You will then be taken to the Secondary Logons page that will allow you to manage logons. Click “Add” to grant access. On the Add Access page, you will need to create a logon and enter the secondary user’s email address. Please review the following information
regarding secondary logons. Then click “Next.” On the next, screen you will select the account to which you would like the secondary user to have access. In this example, we will grant the
secondary user access to this “Test Corporation.” Click “Grant Access.” The Add Account Access page will pop
up and from here we can choose… access type and specify the access period. Then click “OK.” If your secondary user needs access
to more than one account… repeat the previous steps for each account.
Once complete click “Submit.” A confirmation window will indicate that an
email will be sent to the secondary user… with further instructions to access the account. Please note the secondary user has one hour from when the email was sent to complete the process… after which the link will expire. If the link expires you can resend the logon access email. On the Secondary Logons page under the Logon section, click on the username that was created. On the Logon page under section, “I Want To” click on “Resend logon access email.” The system will ask for your confirmation to send a logon access email to the listed email address. Click “Yes” to confirm. A new logon access email will be
sent and you can click “OK” to exit. If you have any other questions, please contact the Customer Service Center at 1-800-400-7115.

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