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September 13, 2019

hey guys welcome back to my channel, so today
I’m going to be showing you how I groom my eyebrows at home. This is a really easy and fast way to make
your eyebrows really nice without even filling them in. So first I’m going to take my spooly and just
brush up the hairs, and so basically what you’re going to want to do to decide where
you want to tweeze is to locate what general shape you want. I’m thinking kind of more of an arch for this
time around. So I’m going to tweeze all of the excess hairs
as you can see right there to make the shape. When it comes to the eyebrow hairs that are
closest to the shape, I would say be really careful with how you tweeze and not to go
overboard. It’s really easy to over-pluck, so look in
the mirror and check how it looks from far away before you keep going. It’s important to pluck not only the bottom
part of the eyebrow but also the top, so you just want to comb the hairs down like that
to see which eyebrow hairs you need to pluck, and just make sure you go in the shape you
want. Also, when plucking, just take it out in the
direction that the hair grows so it hurts less. So you really want to brush up the eyebrows
to see where all of the longer hairs are, if you have more bushy eyebrows, it’s easier
to see. So what you want to do is carefully cut off
the tops of the eyebrow hairs, which makes your eyebrows look much more sharp and it
makes it easier to fill them in too. So you want to do the same by brushing the
eyebrow hairs downward, which actually makes it easier to see how long the hairs are, and
carefully cut off the bottom of them, and this again will make your eyebrows look much
more clean and neat. So the last step is to use this little eyebrow
razor to really clean everything up, and just very gently at an angle, go with the razor
in a downward motion on the top of your eyebrows and stop right above where your eyebrow starts
and do the same with the bottom. Be very very careful with this because it’s
easy to cut not yourself, but the eyebrow hairs and you don’t want to have an accident
and cut your eyebrows off. So be really careful with this, but I think
this adds a really nice precision and a really nice clean look to your brows. If you’re worried about your eyebrows being
uneven, just look for any extra hairs that you see that might be able to come off without
it being too much of a difference in the shape. And then that’s it! So I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
I hope it was helpful. If you liked it, don’t forget to give it a
thumbs up and subscribe! See you in my next video.

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  1. [TO MAKE CAPTIONS SMALLER: go to CC, click options, and you can adjust text size there.]
    i’ve been seeing people saying that they need to “have eyebrows” before they do this so here are some tips for eyebrow growth (my eyebrows used to be HORRIBLE trust me):
    1. let them grow out (no matter how bad they look). use castor oil to help both your eyebrows and eyelashes grow faster, it’s pretty inexpensive 🙂
    2. massage the area when you wash your face/ moisturize so there’s more blood flow

    let me know if you have any questions and don’t forget to subscribe 💓

  2. I want to groom my eyebrows but I don't trust myself with these kind of things and I don't really trust parlors too lol


  4. I have eyebrow hair? Like just hairs that go down to my eyelids which are extremely painful to pluck so uh,,, ideas anyone? As a Chinese this is pretty common for people to have I think so uh yeah help a girl out 😂

  5. If u use a generous coat of vaseline on your eyebrows and the stray hairs above and below about 10 mins before plucking it will not hurt. U can also use an ice cube to dab b4 or as u pluck it barely hurts at all if u do this. I have been doing this for years and I rarely have tearing.

  6. This work really great! Since I had bigger scissors I missed cut a piece a bit too much on the second brow but it’s actually pretty cool 👀 Thanks again! They have never looks better ❤️

  7. I am 19 and people ask me why you don't groom ur eyebrow though you look beautiful without doing them and my reply is i will groom them when my brother will get married.

  8. There are two mistakes in this tutorial, number one trimming shouldn't be the last step, it should be the first step and number two avoid using razer..!

  9. My eye brows are thin, long, scattered and not at all identical and it's a constant battle to get them to look current. I fucked them up trying to copy this video. Guess I'll draw them on for a week.

  10. いま沿ってる眉毛のひげそりみたいに青いところが消えないとあるとおもったらワンチャン眉毛剃るところ間違てる説

  11. I have never been into grooming my eyebrows, I just usually use a little eyebrow pencil to cover the grey. Thanks to this video I am going to try to shape them

  12. すっごい整ってるけど元々の形も綺麗やねぇ

  13. Wow OH Wow!! Excellent video for beginners. I didn't know where to begin. I really like how you broke it down into steps; which are easy to learn. I have never done my eyebrows, I am 73 yrs old and am learning how to make my self feel better about myself; with the bonus of seeing people look at me and smile!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

  14. i got sometin..

    get a mascara brush rinse that thang off start putting ur hair on ur eye brows up and then "shape" them lol

  15. i'm late but i remember this one girl telling me i have thick eyebrows (not that really bushy) and i got insecure that i get a scissor and cut in the middle to make it "thin" and well i look like crap. I went to school my friends laughing at me and she told me that she was just joking..😦🤗🔪🔪

  16. OK, does anyone know what to do for grey looking skins around the eyebrows I have it and it’s soo ugly I don’t know how to do anything about it pls help ahhhhhhhh😭

  17. A tip so it doesn’t hurt that much… take a towel and put hot water on it… then press for a few on ur eyebrow… then quickly start plugging, it won’t hurt bcause ur pores r more open… if it starts to hurn while u r plugging them, do it again❤️

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