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How To Hang A Picture Frame From A Track – DIY At Bunnings

August 26, 2019

I’m going to show you how to install a picture
rail. The tools I need for this job is a stepladder, a cordless drill, some nylon hanging thread,
a tape measure, a spirit level, pencil, wall plugs, screws, hanging sets, the picture track
and a wire cutter. The first step we need to do is determine
where we want the track to be hung and then measure a straight line down from the corners
and get a straight point. I’ve got the straight line, and now I’ll extend it by using my track. So what we’re going to do now is we’re going
to mark out where we want to put our brackets. Always refer back to your instruction manual
to see where you need to locate the brackets. So just remember when we’re marking our brackets,
make sure the top part here is on the line that you’ve marked on the wall. Because I’m
not drilling into a stud I’m going to drill my wall plugs into where I’ve marked out for
the brackets to go. Just a reminder, always check to see whether there’s no wires or services
in the wall before drilling. Now we’ve put the wall plugs in, now we can
screw our brackets in just making sure once again that this top part is flush with the
line on the wall. So once you’ve done that just follow that same process for all the
other plugs. The next step is to click our track on, but
just make sure that this part here is facing down when you put it on. The next step now
is we’ll put our hanging wire set in the back of the track, slide it across, and then we’ll
determine the length we want to set it at. The next step is to put our wire through the
hook and feed it through until the right height that you want it set at. So if you’ve gone
too high up to release, just push down on this little collar here, then you can bring
it down. Our next step now is to hang the picture at
our desired height. So now we’ve hung our picture, we can cut off the excess wire. Job
done. We used the wire on this one, you can also get the nylon version. This comes with
a hook that goes over the top of your track, and then you hook this onto that, and hang
your picture. I’ve shown you two ways how to hang a picture
frame from a picture track.

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