How to Install a Replacement Window in an Existing Frame (We used an Andersen Silver Line Window)
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How to Install a Replacement Window in an Existing Frame (We used an Andersen Silver Line Window)

November 9, 2019

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  1. There's an often missed step that should be performed after 3:10 – Once the four mounting screws are holding the replacement window into the side jambs, both sash should be lowered and tilted in.

    About halfway up each side jamb are JAMB ADJUSTMENT SCREWS. Tighten these until you see them contact the existing jambs of your opening. It is ok if vinyl side jambs bow *slightly*.

    This will tighen the sash gaps and prevent sash from falling out when tilted – as one nearly did on my Mom's head!

  2. I cut the stops on the outside with a sawzall and then pull the whole window out, track and all. That way I don't have to mess with the inside trim that usually breaks when you try to remove it. Then I insulate from the outside and wrap with trim coil and caulk. It's also a good idea to put some flashing tape on the sill and a few inches up the sides before you install the window. This is a very good video of the steps needed to remove and install the window though, I do it this way when I'm not replacing or wrapping the outside trim or if the window is up too high to reach safely from a ladder.

  3. which low quality replacement window is best out of:

    1. Jeld Wen – builders series
    2. Crestline – 250 series
    3. Andersen – 50 series
    4. Pella – 20 series

    Thanks in advance!!!

  4. Wish you would show this being done to an older home that has the same style double hung windows but does not have removable sash tracks. My double hung windows use a set of pullies with ropes and heavy steel ballast weights.

  5. if you want to know how to make it yourself, just go to stodoys webpage. There you'll find your answers 🙂

  6. have it narrated by somebody who doesn't have a speech impediment……what's a "pwy" bar? What's a jamb "winer"?

  7. What's a jamb liner? The point of an "instructional video" is to explain things to people who don't already know them.

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