How To Install Block Frame Windows in Masonry
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How To Install Block Frame Windows in Masonry

October 17, 2019

Refer to the most current installation
instructions on for the tools, materials and specific steps
needed to install your Pella product. Always use appropriate personal
protective equipment. Begin by cleaning the opening and
surrounding wall to ensure it is dry and free of any dirt, oil or debris. Check the
opening for plumb and level. Confirm that the window will fit in the opening with
one quarter inch to 3/8 inch space left around all four sides. Apply a water-resistant coating on all
four sides of the opening. Extend it on to the wall surface to ensure continuity
with the water-resistant coating on the rest of the wall surface. The coating can
be liquid applied coating or self adhered flashing. Place and level shims
on the sill one-half inch from each side as well as under any mullions. Refer to
the installation instruction for additional shimming requirements. Secure the shims with roofing nails or flashing tape. Drill pilot holes in the new window
frame if they are not factory pre-drilled or secure masonry clips to the
window frame. Refer to the installation instructions. Center the window in the
opening on the sill shims. Check the window placement within the wall by
measuring from the interior surface of the window or jamb extension to the
interior surface of the wall. The measurement should be consistent and
allow the window frame to overlap onto the brick veneer or finish wall
materials at least three-quarters of an inch for exterior perimeter sealant.
Place shims according to the installation instructions to make the
window plumb and square and to keep the sash to frame gap, or reveal, consistent.
Pre-drill into the masonry with the appropriate masonry bit. Drive screws at
each pre-drilled hole or place sealant under each clip before
driving a screw through the clip. Refer to the installation instructions. Check for smooth operation. Refer to the
installation instructions and make any necessary adjustments. Apply the rest of
the water-resistant coating to the masonry wall. Install any overlapping
materials in watershed fashion. Use a low pressure polyurethane window
and door insulating foam sealant to create an interior seal. Read the
directions on the can before use. Insert the nozzle or straw 1-inch into the
space between the window and wall. Place a 1 inch deep bead of foam to allow for
expansion. When applying siding, brick, trim or other
finished materials, leave adequate space between the window frame and the siding
for sealant. After the application of siding, brick and/or trim, insert backer
rod in the space between the window and the siding or trim. Apply a continuous
bead of Pella window and door installation sealant over the backer rod. Shape, tool
and clean any excess sealant.

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