How To Make A D.I.Y. Picture Frame – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

September 30, 2019

If you have any artwork or photos just lying
around your home, we all know it can be really expensive to get them professionally framed. So what’s better thing to do than make your
own picture frame to put them on display? These are all the tools that you’re going
to need. A miter saw, safety equipment, sandpaper,
PVA glue, a measuring tape, a pencil, miter corner clamps, screwdrivers, framing fixing
pieces and don’t forget the most important piece, the backing piece of MDF. The picture frame can be as big or small as
you like. Get all your measurements sorted and then
go to your local Bunning store to have the backing board pre-cut. For the actual frame, I’m using a Tasmanian
oak hardwood. First thing to do is to measure and mark the
frame. Before you do anything, make sure you do your
first miter cut and then you measure from there. Because I’m using miter joints, they need
to be cut at a 45-degree angle. I’ve already done my first cut but when I
do my second cut, it needs to be on the opposite angle. When cutting the frame, just be nice and slow
with the miter saw so it will give you a nice, clean edge. Let the blade do the work for you. So, I’ve cut my first side piece. I now need to measure out my second one which
will also be at 435 millimeters. I’ll be using the same process of opposing
sides for the miter joints. Remember when doing the second cut to move
your miter saw to the opposite 45-degree angle. I now have two sides cut and need to measure
the top and bottom. I now have my four pieces. All I need to do is glue each in together
and use my clamps to hold it into place until they dry. But before doing that, make sure your frame
all fits in nicely. My frame fits perfectly, so now I need to
glue. Put some PVA glue onto each end. Be sure not to put too much though because
when you join it together, you don’t want it going everywhere. Now that the frame is all glued together,
wipe off any excess glue that’s around the edging. Once all the excess glue has been wiped away,
these babies are gonna be your best friend. They make the job so much easier and will
ensure that the frame stays nice and square. Once you have all four clamps on, then you
can actually go around and retighten them all making sure it’s all perfectly square. Now, you just need to leave it to dry. Remove all four corner clamps, turn the frame
over and give it all a light sand. It helps to ensure that you get a really nice
smooth finish. The frame is now ready for your artwork or
photo. Turn it over and place your image faced down. Then place your backing board on top of that
and use your frame stay clamps to hold it all into place. Secure the frame stay clips placing them roughly
in the center of each side. You’ll need quite a fine screwdriver because
the screws are really small. Because I’m using a hardwood for the frame,
I need to pre-drill the screw holes. But if you’re using pine, you can just screw
straight into the timber. So there you have it. It’s as easy as that. Now you have a perfect frame with your art
or photography. Now all that’s left to do is hang it and that’s
how you make a picture frame.

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