How to make a freeze frame
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How to make a freeze frame

October 15, 2019

Hi all! My name is Alina and welcome to the Movavi
channel. Sometimes, when you’re creating a video,
you want to freeze a specific frame for a couple of seconds to highlight an important
point. Here’s an example. You have a video and you want to stop a certain
frame for a few seconds so your audience can pay special attention to it. Here’s what happens As you can see, the freeze-frame helps the
viewer to focus on the main point in the video. This technique is often used by bloggers,
because it’s a simple way to create a comic effect. Also, freeze-frame is often used on the final
scene in a movie as a way of leaving the audience alone with their thoughts about the ending. In the Movavi video editor, there’s a special
freeze-frame tool that lets you create the illusion of a pause in the video by freezing
a particular frame for a few seconds. Today, I’m going to show you how to insert
a freeze-frame in your video with the Movavi video editor. But first you have to like our video and subscribe
to our channel, right? Super! Thank you! Now let’s get to the tutorial! Step 1. Install the video editor and add a video to
the program Download Movavi video Editor, run the installation
file and follow the instructions on your screen. Then click Add Media files to load your video
into the program. The uploaded files are automatically added
to the Timeline Step 2. Select a frame Add the slider to the desired video frame. Use the “Go to the Previous frame” and
“Go to the Next frame” buttons at the bottom of the player to navigate the video
frame by frame. Step 3. Freeze frame Click on the video clip, then right-click
the mouse and select “insert freeze frame” from the menu. Step 4: Adjust the duration By default, the freeze frame is displayed
on the screen for four seconds. You can change the duration of the freeze-frame
by dragging its edges on the timeline. Step 5. Add text and filters Сlick on the “Filters” icon and select
the one you want to apply to the video clip. I used the “old movie grayscale” filter
from the retro collection. Simply drag the desired filter to the selected
video. To add text, click on the Titles icon and
select the desired style from the collection. For this example, I used “heart” from
the artistic collection. Double-click on the added title on the timeline. Then double click on the text in the preview
window and enter your text. Step 6. Save the result Click the “Export” button and select the
option you need. You can save your video for viewing on your
computer or mobile devices, or for uploading to the Internet – just open the relevant
tab, select the desired video format, and click “Start”. Your video is ready! You see, just a couple of clicks and and the
freeze frame is ready. Easy peasy! How would you use this tool? Maybe you would use the freeze-frame to make
an intro for your YouTube videos? Or you could make pictures from the video
and create a photo collage with them? Share your ideas in the comments! Download a free trial of Movavi video editor
here and see for yourself! As a bonus, grab this 30% discount for Movavi
video editor –I’ve left a link for a coupon with the discount in the description! That’s all, thank you for watching Movavi
blog and see you on the next episode!

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  1. Hello! I've used this editing software but it's been glitching a lot lately…I don't know what happened! What can I do please??

  2. Great tutorial! Didn't know about this feature but excited to try it out now that I know about it!! 😉

  3. Thank You. By the way, this tutorial seems to have some effects not in Movavi – I believe. For instance the picture in picture that slides in from the right….

  4. These tutorials are fantastic! I cant wait to go through all of them and make the best movies and slideshows to share with all of our blog followers.

  5. this tutorial is great for me, I do love using freeze frame, it makes my video more interesting and fantastic, thanks.

  6. Beautiful and very clear video; is the 30% offered discount valid only for Movavi Video ditor or also For Mavavi Suite 17?

  7. Hi want to create video pre-wedding as this link can you make tutorial like this video :

  8. Insert freeze frame does not work in the Movavi Video Suite – Personal, from the File | Insert Freeze frame menu, nor with Ctrl-E.
    Freeze frame does work by right clicking on the media file, and selecting Insert Freeze Frame.
    I've contacted Movavi support to have them resolve. I purchased the product today, January 18, 2018.

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