How To Make a Go Kart Frame: Go Kart Frame Plans
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How To Make a Go Kart Frame: Go Kart Frame Plans

October 9, 2019

This video goes over how to make a go kart
frame from free go kart plans that I have on Using the frame plans, we’re
going to square and secure the tubing to a flat work space. In this case, plywood. Notice
that I used a square to keep everything perfectly at a 90 degree angle. There are also nails
that i nailed into the plywood to secure the frame in place. I’m also using some welder’s
magnets,which aren’t necessary, but are nice to have. Notice that the nails are not at
the point where I’ll be welding, or where I need to have access through a square. When
making a go kart frame and tack welding, it’s important to get all four corners tacked,
and make sure everything is level. I’m using a straight edge to keep the two pieces of
tubing end to end, and then making a quick tack. Next is welding the go kart frame. It’s
very important that you minimize warping when you’re welding. There is some warping that
is unavoidable, so in order to minimize the warping, you weld on one side of the frame,
you flip it over, and you weld on the exact opposite joint. The counteracting forces will
minimize warping when you weld. When you are finished welding, you want to go ahead and
give the go kart a once over, and look at every single weld. Inspect it and make sure
the welds are uniform in pattern, and that you didn’t miss any spots, or have any cruddy
welds that you need to grind down and re-weld. So the welds should look something very similar
to this. Next is the bumper and the pivot holes for the brake and throttle. Just like
with the go kart frame, you tack weld first, then fully weld on the opposite joints. Now
you are finished welding the go kart frame. If you do care about the way the bumper looks,
you can grind down the welds. Just taking a grinding disc on your angle grinder, you
circle it and then finish it up with the flapper disc, or the sanding disc. So, CONGRATULATIONS!
You’re finished with the base frame welding of this free go kart plans build that I have
up here on YouTube. So if you like this video, as always, go ahead and give it a thumbs up,
comment, rate, subscribe. The last video was how to cut steel, the next one will be comparing
a dead axle to a live axle. So thanks for watching guys, and have a good one.

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  1. Quick question… i want to build a go kart and multiple other welding proyects… what type of mig welder should i use ?

  2. I know that this video is from 2015 but I just found it and I love it I’ve been following the playlist that you have and I’m amazed with it. thank you so much its great finding good stuff for free I even feel like I’m robbing you. thanks a lot. I’m planning to build a gokart/lawn mower to make the lawn mowing more fun. thanks

  3. Not sure if you would recommend this yourself but I've heard it can be pretty strong.. You guys can also buy aluminum tubing and 'braze' it together , similar to welding but not quite.. I've seen brazing strength tests and it seems to be a pretty strong hold.. A brazing kit at home depot is about $70 or below.. Im trying to get into both welding and brazing so that i may build with welding and modify bicycles using brazing.. Hopefully i too can get the hang of everything then i may start a YouTube to teach others as well

  4. I was wondering what the dimension of the middle bar of the number is? It doesn't state it clearly in the plans from the site, if you could please let me know thanks.

  5. Hows it going, I have decided to make my grandson a go cart, I have never done this before. but I want to do it myself. What type of welder do you suggest I get to complete this project. Something economical ! I like the way you explain step by step how to build.

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