How to Make a Picture Frame 3 Ways | DIY Woodworking
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How to Make a Picture Frame 3 Ways | DIY Woodworking

August 23, 2019

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  2. Upside down cut got me! And I’m too short on this walnut Ive had for over a year to finish frame #4. (Wife wanted two 16×20 and two 20×24). Ahhhhhh!

    On a side note. I combined your two router bit profiles with a 6 degree bevel on the table saw on the opposite side of the face. I had a hell of a problem with tearout on the straight bit after already using the cove bit. I’m sure grain direction was a factor but I had already cut the cove pattern so I had already committed to that side of the boards.

  3. If the lines take the distance to the rabbet into account, then why did you add the extra 1/8"? Just for wiggle room in case of error when inserting the artwork?

  4. Excellent video. Very simple and easy to follow. Too many things adding to my "woodworking bucket list". This week I need to finish up a bunch of my passive cell phone speakers for sale, hopefully build your drill press station, then start more cheese boards. All before the cold weather hits again. Have yet to try my hand at a picture frame 🙂

  5. I'm WAY behind, I know. This video was absolutely AWESOME!! Some great tips that work for picture frames and other projects too.

  6. Great video, Brad.

    Seriously, this was very thoughtful and added a detail on Jon Peter’s trick that I missed in his video. Zero clearance fence from plywood will probably be better than my current MDF version. It would have been interesting to see how you would have nudged your miter saw blade if it was not dead on. Ideas on how this would be done?

    Not woodworking but wonder if you cut your own glass and if there are any trick to it? If yes, then that might make an interesting short video.

    Thanks, Greg

  7. Best how-to picture frame video I've seen. I'm about to build my first ones for my wife and these are the most straightforward instructions! Thanks

  8. Nicely done video Brad. After I watched your video looked around and found a little better corner joiner method than hammering in corrugated fasteners (see I found that kit for a decent price at Keep making great videos!

  9. As someone who used to work for a high end custom framing business—use a stop block on the miter saw and cut each leg separately. Don’t stack pieces and try to cut them both at the same time. If you do, you risk screwing up two pieces instead of one. Also, cut your long pieces first—if you mess up, you can chop it down to be a short leg and save materials.

  10. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! I have watched dozens of DIY picture frame videos trying to figure out how to create that rabbet so is properly sized to accept the picture and backing. Most either never mentioned it, or treated it as no big deal. Well I wasted a lot of good wood and therefor a lot of $$ chasing after that rabbet. You FINALLY took the time to explain its importance and how to get it right — and it's easy! You've earned my eternal gratitude and a new subscriber 🙂

  11. This is great! A template tool could save you some time, and give you a little more design freedom though. Just sayin. 🙂
    Emmy Braxtly

  12. Best glue up for end grain is to thin coat the end and allow to dry 5/10 minutes. Then apply finish glue and assemble. I did this for plain T joint 3/4" square oak. On the test , the oak bent before the glue failed.

    Great video.

  13. I finally went out and bought a table saw and used your vid to make a couple frames! Do you have any information on how to make the jig for putting the slots in the corners of the frames to insert the reinforcement pieces? I could probably figure it out, but figured I would ask. Also interested in the cross cut sled.

  14. Very well done video.
    Perfect amount of info and detail shown. I’m going to get a miter corner strap after watching this. I always use a ratchet cargo strap, but after seeing your video I can see the benefit of the strap

  15. Watched a lot of videos and your the first one to talk about how to cut the 45's. I was trying to figure that out for awhile. I'm wanting to make Frames for a 11X14 picture. Outsides not the problem it was for the inside I was having trouble with. Thank you

  16. Great! I think I'll try it on my next piece of art. Just as a footnote, Brad, it's usually pronounced Jac-o-BEE-un. It's a period in British history. Cheers!

  17. Picture frames are the hardest thing to make from wood. I have never had a frame come out the right size so now I just buy them.

  18. I’ve got an Osborne EB-3 miter gauge (like Norm has) that I use on my tablesaw for cutting meters. You can micro adjust it to get perfect 45s every time, plus it has a built in stop block so you can make exact copies of each length. If a frame is wide enough, I use 00 biscuits to join the corners.

  19. Hey, Brad! I want to try this over the weekend. I have two large posters that I want to hang in a bathroom.Any wood recommendations for a room with high humidity? Thanks, love the channel.

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