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How to Make a Picture Frame Tray | At Home With P. Allen Smith

October 18, 2019

Take a look at this cute and handy little
tray I made. You’ll never believe what I made it from. Let me show you. Isn’t it fun to
make something interesting out of the most surprising things? For instance, what I wanna
show you is how you can take an ordinary picture frame, which you can often find at a secondhand
store, and turn it into a really stylish tray. Now what you wanna do is you just wanna start
with a simple picture frame like this. What I’ve done is I’ve predrilled a couple holes
for handles, and I’ll get that in just a moment. But for the field of the tray itself, this
is where you can get really stylish. You see, what I’m going to do is use this little print
of gingham. This is the piece of cardboard that goes at the back of the picture that
you would typically put in here. What I’m gonna do is start by placing the glass, after
I’ve cleaned it, into the frame itself like this. There you go. Next, I simply take the
fabric that I want to use and I cut a piece where I have just enough hanging off the edge,
oh, about 3/4 of an inch or so. And then just fold it back such that it fits tightly against
the edge or the outline of the field. And what I’m gonna do is just use a little hot
glue and place it along like this and fold it over. Now, the other side. You have to
move quickly because you don’t want the hot glue to dry. Ouch that’s hot! Just kidding.
At this point, you wanna make sure, just check and make sure, that it’s being drawn tightly,
and it is. It’s nice and taught. And now I have just two more sides to do, and I’ll carry
on the same way. Now for the corners. What I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna do a little
quarter fold or 90 degree angle, you can see here, off the corner. Just to pin that down
with the glue here. There we go. Likewise here. Now with the corners in place and it
all dried, you can see that I have a nice field of fabric. I’m simply going to lay this
field of fabric in the picture frame just as I would if this were a photograph. You
see, it rests comfortably and snuggly in there. And now I’m just gonna take these little tabs
and push them down all the way around so that it’s pressed tightly against the glass. Alright,
there we go. Pretty swell looking. We’re not quite finished. Now for the handles. Now I
mentioned earlier that I had predrilled the holes, and I used a drill bit that’s just
slightly smaller than the screw. And this is important because you don’t want to split
the frame. And once you have the screw lined up with the hole, you wanna make sure that
you apply this with a hand screwdriver. You don’t wanna draw this down too tightly because
you might actually split the wood of the frame. Once I have this handle in place, it’s just
a matter of attaching the other one, and I have a marvelous little tray. You see, you
can create these using any size frame you like or any sort finish or fabric. Just choose
elements that help you express your own creative style. If you enjoy these tips, tell a friend
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  1. NOoooooooo!!! 😲

    People CAN NOT just leave the Back like that!
    Must glue a piece of Cardboard or Felt, over that to make it look finished and keep it from raveling.

    I'm too OCD for that! 😯

    Plus ya don't want company using one and it's all lumpy 😞 on the back.

    ………………… 🤤
    Mercy – gives me the hives!

    lol 🙃

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