How to Make a Picture Frame
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How to Make a Picture Frame

August 24, 2019

Dene’s tool tip challenge today is to
build a picture frame and a jig to help
him do it. So I’ve got to build the frame and do a jig
within an hour. Within an hour, as a matter of fact t he
offcuts from the frame help you build
the Jig. Ok so here are the materials you will need
and the usual array of tools. Let’s make this frame. Using your adjustable scribe score a line
3mm from the edge of the maranti To mark the position of the frame edge. Then, using 40mm nails glue and nail the
frame edge. Don’t drive the nails all the way in because
we’ll remove them once the glue is dry. It’s really important to get the bead
lined up exactly along the scribe mark because when you do your cuts
if it’s not, when the joins come together. it doesn’t line up and it looks silly. Wipe off the excess glue. Then carefully
set the saw stop to cut the long pieces of the frame. It’s important, when you’re measuring
to set the saw stop, not to push the blade either way or your 450mm measurement
will be out. Keep it dead straight. Once the glue’s dry use a block of wood
to protect the edge of the frame and remove the nails. Your mitre saw, when you skew it
to 45 degrees actually clicks in to place If it’s just out your cut won’t work The other one is when your using a mitre
saw push and pull gently. Don’t hold it too tight because you’ll
skew the saw. then you mitre cut will have a new angle
in it so they won’t fit together. Then, set the mitre saw at 45 degrees and
cut the first end, or waste piece. In making the picture frame the inner
bead must always face toward you when you make the cut. In doing this you’ll reverse the saw
between cuts and end up with 3 triangular bits of waste than make up the
jig for your frame. Ok, so this going to form the base of your
jig. The 3 pieces of waste are pre-drilled.
Then we check the base for squareness. And using the frame as a guide we mount the 3
triangular pieces which will hold the frame in place while we
drill and glue it. Using a 5mm dowel bit we drill the
corners of the frame at 45 degrees. We put the dowel in place and hold them
with a strong elastic band. Once this is done the elastic bands can be
drawn across the frame to hold it in place while the glue dries. Once this is dry the elastic bands can
be removed and we trim back the dowells. Now all we have to do is cut the acrylic
sheet. We then mark and cut the acrylic sheet
leaving the protective coating in place. And it snaps fairly easily. Your simple picture frame and jig is done.

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  1. love the Dowels for Splines. I had thought about it before but never tried it.

    Do you find the Jigs are better for Frames that a band clamp or is it more a preference thing?

  2. FINALLY!!!  A tutorial showing tools I can get or already have and work I can do in my living room!  Thanks!

  3. I quit watching car restoration shows on tv because they put a time frame on it in which to get something done. you turn a lot of people like myself off with that " hurry and get it done BS" Watch them booger tha hell out of it with the sanding/"ripsnaggouge" block! WOW

  4. I like the idea of doing this instead of buying frame moulding lengths and using lots of expensive tools to do something that looks mediocre

  5. You forgot to add the crank saw to the hank mast before you put the kybo spank on the tram slide………..Fucking amateurs.

  6. Woody Hyezmar's Woodworking Bible is an immersive read, and you’ve made a great job of presenting a way to do this masterfully…, anyway, google his book and look at his designs, they're great!

  7. Too much talking, Too much music, to much noise and no clear instructions – what materials how did you prepare it – you start buy gluing a strip to what looks like the picture frame profile – FAIL.

  8. Who said that Ozzies don't know Jack-schit? Brilliant video guy's, one QUESTION………… I don't have a mitre saw, well I have but my kind friend borrowed it and it's not true anymore! I'm house bound so going out to buy another wouldn't be the answer!
    Can you guy's give me any advice, hints & tips please?
    I'm hoping to add wider frame's to the ones I have already and then burn them…… I should say Pyrography instead of burning….. unless they turn out rubbish then they might be BURNT LOL. Have a great weekend 👍 😆 👍 and thanks for sharing your video 👍 😆 👍

  9. My father was a professional farmer and we had morsel machine and all our frames corners looked very good and we had underpinning machine and alway did our mouths on professional mount cuter .

  10. I don't understand the snarky comments. They demonstrated with a smaller frame, but if you're looking for a non standard frame size– and are a bit handy — you'll save a ton of money doing it yourself like this— instead of getting a custom made frame at a store. Thanks for this video!!

  11. Hello beautiful people!
    With this free Android app, you can measure the angle of slopes and surfaces:

  12. And as in every video that show how to make frames they never say what math is used to determine the correct size of frame for a predetermined size picture allowing for the rebate/rabbit???

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