How to Make a Two Tone Picture Frame
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How to Make a Two Tone Picture Frame

November 9, 2019

Two tone molded picture frame.
For this project we just used some low grade pine and two varieties of shellac.
We firstly squared up the stock on the jointer then trimmed the first length to one and three
quarters by three quarters The second length was trimmed to one and one
eighth by three eighths Next up a sand with 400 grit dust collection
courtesy of our improvised I guess you could call it side draught table
Raising the grain followed by a final sand with 800 grit will ensure a better finish
We begin the profile routing with the face molding first
Just need to dial in the thickness for the base molding
Cutting the rabbet for the base And the base molding inside profile
We’ll firstly coat the base molding with the darker toned Garnet Shellac The face molding will get a coat of the lighter
toned Blonde shellac We’ll leave those to dry for now
Next up finishing clamping and final assembly

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