How to Make An Earring Holder With A Picture Frame!
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How to Make An Earring Holder With A Picture Frame!

October 26, 2019

to begin this project all you will need
is a new or used picture frame next go ahead and remove the glass and the
backing on the frame go to your local hardware store and there you will find a
variety of chicken wire that you can purchase depending on the size you would
like for your frame next flip your frame and measure the interior lines use
cutting shears in order to cut the wire to fit inside the frame measure all four
inside lines of the picture frame take your wooden dowel and mark it then using
a small saw cut each one in order to have one piece for each side of the
frame next you can purchase a six thousand glue at any of your local
big-box stores this is the glue we’re going to use to attach the wire as well
as the wooden dowel place the glue all around the frame on the interior line
next place the chicken wire into the glue and press down squeeze about four
round circles of glue along the line then take the wooden dowel and press
down next secure the dowel down by pushing down the metal clips on the
picture frame repeat that process on all four sides of the frame then leave the
frame to dry for several hours once the frame dries go ahead and flip the frame
over and now you’re ready to hang your earrings this particular frame is 17 by
about 14 inches and will hold roughly 50 pairs of earrings I sure hope you
enjoyed our tutorial on how to create your own earring holder if this was a
blessing to you be sure to like or follow our pages for more tips tricks
and trainings god bless you and remember the most important thing and that is
that you are beautiful no matter what you wear

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