How to make an elf hat with a dollar tree frame
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How to make an elf hat with a dollar tree frame

August 24, 2019

hi Lori we are going to be
making an elf hat and we’re going to use this form so a friend of mine who has
Debi’s wreath things she made a Santa hat with this form from the Dollar Tree
and it has really taken off I think everyone is making them and I thought it
would be fun if we made an elf hat with it and we’re gonna do it upside down
like this and have our little elf legs up here so it’s gonna be fun so if
you’ve never been on her channel make sure you go over and check her out
it’s Debi’s wreaths things and she is also on Facebook like I am so go over
and check her out she has a lot of really great ideas too okay so this is
what we’re gonna use to do our little hat but upside down so I’m gonna take
all this stuff off because I don’t need it okay all we want is the bare frame so I
will just unravel all of this okay then because what’s great about this is the
frame the frame of this and the fact that you can get it for a dollar is
pretty amazing what are you doing over there Bella okay so all I have left is this little
part at the bottom you okay so once I’ve gotten it stripped
what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna cover it in this red velvet ribbon now this is
wire edged ribbon it’s two and a half inch I’m going to start at the bottom and what I’m going to do is I’m actually
going to take my hole punch I’m gonna punch a hole on this ribbon and I’m
gonna use that I mess it ty how about tie this on just to keep it secure yeah and then I will start very carefully wrapping it
around so I want to make sure if I have any pieces that are starting to buckle
that I go back and fix those now one thing you can do if you’re
having any trouble let me show you this just in case okay so this frame was
really made for those little pieces you could just cut these little snip these
little things off right here and it would just give you a little bit of a
smoother surface to go across like I could probably use my scissors –
this is plastic so I shouldn’t be difficult just flip them off this will give us a little bit of a
smoother surface to do our ribbon on because if we have little pieces
sticking out it’s going to catch that ribbon so tiny bit of prep work and I’ll
make our lives easier it’s making a little bit of a mess but
that’s okay I don’t really mind it’ll make it easier to do what I want to do okay I’ll show you what I mean by have any
better really sticking out of this coat go back in okay so now when we start a
crossed you see how much nicer that goes across and since we’re going all the way around
the entire frame it’s not necessary to tie it down so you want to give it
enough play so that you’re not gonna have big ripples here okay I’m not
terribly worried about what the back looks like because what you’re gonna see
is the front so just keep going across okay see I just like going across
without those little pieces on it because it just gives you a much
smoother edge now if I was making some other type of hat other than an elf hat
I would get rid of this little curve at the top but we’re going to attach our
little bells on that test and I’ll Pat has to have bells okay so the trick with it is just to go slowly and make sure that you’re getting
it pretty even okay okay so once I get to the top I think that’s cute
I’m just gonna cut it off and I am going to go to the back I’m gonna fold this
over I’m actually gonna put a hole between you might have to do one at a
time okay that’s what I want to do is tie it
to that base now you can you can certainly glue it that will work it gets
pretty hot here I don’t want something to come loose later so stop it my tyrant through these little
holes and I’m gonna tie it right on to this
little corner then I’m gonna cover this corner out okay there we go hide it so now we’ve gotten
the main part done and I will kind of work with any pieces that I see that I
don’t like the way they look now I want to do the green at the bottom now
there’s a couple different ways you can do this green you can do more ribbon and
just do green but what I’m gonna do is little ruffles I don’t want to make
these big ruffles that’s what little ones so I’m just gonna do 10-inch
ruffles I’m not sure how many we’re gonna need so we’ll just figure that out
and go along so I’ll just cut every 10 inches now this is the this is the green
double foil look at that so this is the green double foil and what I’ll do as I’m going to take some green pipe
cleaners and I am going to cut them in half I’ll make the whole thing and I’m
going to take these the way that they want to roll up and I’m just going to go
right up in the center and make a little ruffle then I’m going to take my pipe
cleaner and go behind it I’m gonna pull it up like this and then twist it really
tight know what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go right onto here I’m gonna tie
this ruffle on here so I’m just going to tie it right onto this frame just like
that and I’m gonna go all the way across this so I’ll show you a couple and then
I will go off camera and do the rest I’m just gonna go right up to the center
and because this is double foil it is a little thicker so now it is folded over like this twist it
I’m gonna go pretty close to my last rifle and then just tie that on just
like this now I don’t want them to get too big so I will go across then when I
get done I’ll tell you how many had that lose but that’s all I’m gonna do is cut
them like this put them on my little zip tie on them twist it on and put it on
friend I’m putting it on this middle piece right here just like that seeing then we’ll get the
bottom part of our hat see that’s so cute
then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna turn it upside down like this we’re
gonna put these little feet in it and I got these ears oh my gosh how cute are
these things I’m gonna put them right down here so we can have our little elf
ears so I got these from Carolina pottery this is a little pottery place
let’s that’s near me and I just love to go there so these are awesome okay so I
will work on this and then when I come back we will put the ears on and we’re
gonna fix this top piece up here so I will be back shortly okay so I’ve gotten
it on and I used 15 ruffles see aren’t they cute so what we’re gonna do is
we’re actually gonna have our hat like this mess up a little bit so I’m gonna
have our hat like this here and we’re going to put our little ears on right
over here of course in the back I’m gonna push this aside and I’m gonna put
my little ears on right here just like that so we’ll go ahead and do that and
then I can show you how we’re gonna put the legs on so I don’t need this whole
stick but I want to make sure that I have my ears in the right place what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna push my stick down through the frame and get the right
position on my ears make sure
rough words are not covering it up yeah that’s so cute and then I’m just gonna
tie it on with a zip tie and then I can cut off the rest of this stick cause I
won’t need it there we go so we got one ear in let’s
put him so you can see his little ear okay I’m gonna put the other one in I want to do exactly the same thing on the
other side so I will push the stick down through my frame so I have a good thing
to tie on to want to make sure I get it about the same place so that right there
right there okay another tie and tie this one up okay get rid of that stick okay and we can
just can fluff his ears out a little bit oh that’s so cute okay so now we’ve got
our little elf hat we need our little bells down here at the bottom can’t be
in health without bells on his hat so I don’t do some the Dollar Tree I just
thought they were cute and they really kind of went with the hat so okay so now
we’re going to take this little bell I got this from the Dollar Tree I like all
the little stuff it has on and I just thought it was cute so I’m gonna take a
zip tie then we’ll run it through to make sure I have it on there good and
then I was gonna run it right underneath my ribbon onto this little frame down
here then I’ll pull my ribbon back up so I
can hide that frame yeah now he has a little bit on his half-chewed alright so
the next thing I want to do is I want to put on his low feet I got these cute
wolf feet to put on him now you can either do it this way and have him down
like this or you can do him shut down like this I think either way is really
cute but this comes with a little wire on it so what I’ll do is I’ll turn this
over and go right to the frame and I’m actually gonna run this wire right
through both pieces of my frame to make sure I get it tight on there really well
okay now tuck it back under okay then I’ll put my other guy over here and do
the same thing I’ll run it under both pieces of it right okay twist
it around and tie it back under there okay here we go now you can bend your legs so
that it looks like there fold it over like this let me lift this up so you can
see you see that I wasn’t that so cute oh I like that
I think that’s adorable so so we could also put a little bit of sparkle over
here like this so I have this little spray and all we’d have to do is just
stick a little spray down now I don’t know if I want him upside down or if I
want to write that up I could kind of like you might set up hahaha and that’s
how it works you have an idea and then you change it
this is such a simple easy quick project so I just think he’s adorable
so this is a little quick video of something you can do with those dollar
tree which is hats so I hope you enjoyed this let me know what you thought I got
these little feet from craft Outlet this mesh came from craft Outlet this velvet
wire ribbon came from Carolina pottery and so did these hats and so did this
little thick so I think he is adorable so I hope you enjoyed this let me know
what you thought and I will see you again soon thanks for watching bye bye

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  1. Lori – have you seen the Santa hat and Stocking from Dollar Tree. I saw them in the email catalog and they look really similar to the same construction as the witches hat. Just wondered if we could make the same type of fun wreaths with the Santa hat and stocking. Thanks.

  2. My one dollar tree in Jersey had the witches hat and candy cane wreath forms I've never seen them before.The other store has the one you used though.Love it so cute 🙂

  3. Lori I love watching your videos you are an amazing person and inspire me to make my owns. My hubby likes watching you as well

  4. It really did turn out cute Lori!!! I think I have about four of those hats in my stash. Never did do anything with then yet. Lololol 😃

  5. So cute Lori…..your work is amazing. Thank you for sharing and teaching. You make so many wreaths, how do you sell your wreaths? How do you determine prices?

  6. I love how Bella comes into the room and checks things out, then heads back out the door. She's your security guard every video! 😂

  7. I love it! That is cool I'm going to try and make one I love doing crafts thanks for your time you are so creative thank you great job

  8. Hi, could anyone ship me a witch hat to UK, can't get anything like it here. Need 1 so I can get them made up to use myself. Great tutorials xx

  9. I am loving your videos. And your down the road from me…I'm in Spartanburg!! I'm going to have to make a trip to Columbia next Aug and stock up on craft supplies..and of course visit the zoo!

  10. Hi Lori,this is so cute,and the witches ha just may be one of the shapes I can find here in England,so thanks for another great tutorial,

  11. Love everything you make! Just finished my witch hat for Halloween and now I'm moving on to the elf hat! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  12. I love it! I have already gotten my "Witch Hats"! If you don't get them early your out of luck. I tried last year, but they were all gone quick. So I'm looking forward to making my "Elf"! Thank you so much for showing me how!

  13. So ears, legs and mesh and pick cane from Carolina pottery. Are they available this year since the video is a year old?

  14. There is nobody like Laurie!! I love how you get as excited over the finished product as we do! THANK YOU…for bringing
    a smile to our faces with your incredible talent! I LOVE your products and your videos… they're great!
    Laurie.. one quick comment about what to use to cover the back of our crafts.. I use only white as opposed to colored coverings like a place mat… I got some water on the table where I had a black place mat and the dye not only smeared everywhere on the table but also ran on my craft I did. Just a small
    comment to pass on.. thank you!

  15. Love your Santa hat is it possible if you still have the item number the tag you took off the hat to give to me I appreciate it thank you so much❤❤❤

  16. Lori I love your show, but I’m not sure if I can make the beautiful things that you make sitting down,because I’m in a wheelchair right now please let me know.

  17. Mrs. Lori, I always watch your videos more than once, lol. Have to see it for the idea, then again to make a shopping list, and again making the project even though I've done this forever lol. I just love watching you. Also, the Dollar Tree now has wire witch hat forms that are larger and wire pumpkin wreath forms. I'd love to see you do something on those forms. ♡ Audra

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