How to Make Fathers Day Picture Frame
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How to Make Fathers Day Picture Frame

November 12, 2019

Today, we’re going to be making this father’s day picture frame What you’re going to need it is a nice long picture frame, a plain white poster board pencil, exacto knife, scissors and measuring tape and my handy-dandy ruler and some beautiful black and white pictures and colored markers The words we love Dad and the way that I got this was I just put this over my computer screen and taped it onto the screen and then traced over and measure about the size that I needed by first putting this on my picture frame This is wax paper, so I’m just measuring this a long way, and it is almost 16 inches And I’m just going to make my mark over here for how long it is, i’m just measuring it too short right now You can do this with any picture frame because it have to be the exact one that I have So make sure your words are the right size and now i’m just taking my ruler and matching them up with the marks that I made and drawing out my square that will fit into my picture frame and I’m just cutting it out That is what I wanted. Now that I have the perfect size paper, going to arrange my We Love over the top of it. Want it to be even on both sides, as even as I can get it and that Dad is already even So I don’t have to worry about it I now have it all taped on where it needs to be so it won’t move around and I also have a cutting board underneath it I’m just taking my exacto knife cutting through both layers The only thing is it hurts my finger. It is a permanent dent in my finger Now I’ve taken all of that out, and I’m just going to take off the rest of my corners here and here’s my double-sided tape that I am just facing strategically Make sure that it goes right on top of my picture Now all I have to do is position the faces in the right places Perfect. There we go, there we go. Now I can take scissors or an exacto knife, whatever would work better and just chop off the extra picture There’s our W Look how cute. I love it, love it. Okay, Sso the problem that I was encountering and Michael pointed this out Is that we have a white background In these black and white pictures that blends too well with the white and we wanted to stick out So, I’m going to take a permanent marker just any color, whatever you think you will like and then we’ll just gonna outline each letter I love it so much. So now I’m going to do, double sided tape, just gonna put it all over the back of this and now that I have the back off stickified I’m just going to go ahead and fit into place and push down, press down over the top of it all And there you have your beautiful picture frame with your family for your father on Father’s day I hope you liked this video, please check out our Facebook page slash Pins and Things. Subscribe to my channel and leave a comment. I will see you next time Bye! Click here to watch the top 5 Father’s day gift ideas

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