How to Make Frame and Panel Cabinet Doors with Plywood Panels
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How to Make Frame and Panel Cabinet Doors with Plywood Panels

October 18, 2019

I’m Andrew with infinity Cutting Tools.
Making rail and stile doors with a plywood flat panel is a very popular
project. However, your traditional rail and stile
router bit sets come set up to make a quarter-inch groove for your panel. Most
“quarter-inch” plywood that we come across these days is rarely a true quarter of
an inch thick. Infinity has solved this problem by
creating slot cutter sets that allow you to adapt your two-piece rail
and stile router bit set to accept plywood that ranges from thicknesses of
3/16″, 5.0mm, 7/32″ or 5.5mm, and 6mm or 15/64″ thick. This is really nice because no matter
what size plywood you come across for your project, you’re going to be able to
adapt your two-piece rail and stile router bit set to make a perfect-matching groove for the thickness of your plywood. The Infinity plywood slot
cutter sets are perfectly matched to work with any of the Infinity two-piece rail
and stile router bit sets. They’re marked with a laser marking for
both the size of groove they make so that you can easily match it to your plywood
and also which bit they work with. The slot cutter marked
“rail” is going to work with your rail router bit and the one mark “stile” will
work with your stile router bit. This makes it very easy to not confuse
these two cutters. It’s also important to notice that these
cutters are marked in a way that you’re going to be able to read them when
they’re installed on your rail and stile router bits. So if you’ve installed them on your bits
previously and you come back for your next project, you’re going to know at a
glance how your router bits are set up and what size plywood they’re going to be set up for. These
slot cutters feature micro-grain carbide with nice thick cutters. They have Infinity’s nonstick coating
that makes it very easy to clean, and a really nice computer-designed anti-kickback design. They’re also a three wing slot cutter so
they’re going to have great longevity. To install my plywood slot cutter set on my
rail and stile router bits, I’m over here at the router table and
I’m using the collet lock on my router to hold my router bit securely so I can
loosen the top nut on the router bit for the rail cutter. I’m going to remove the top nut from the
router bit and i’m going to remove the washer and the slot cutter from the bit,
as well. I’m going to make sure there are no shims stuck to the bottom of my slot
cutter. Remove that. Now I’m going to grab my plywood slot
cutter marked “rail,” simply slide it on. You may be able to
see that the carbide on this slot cutter has an offset to it. This gives me the correct size tongue on
my rail cutter. Put my washer back in place, put my nut on, line everything up, grab my wrench, tighten it down. It does not need a lot of tension. The
correct torque spec for this nut would be eight foot pounds. Setting up our stile bit is just as easy
as it was for the rail. Loosen the top nut on the router bit, remove it, remove the bearing and the
washer. Underneath the bearing is going to be a second washer. This is just there
to give the bearing room so it can spin freely. Then we can remove our 1/4″
slot cutter. Make sure that there’s no shim stuck to the bottom, just like we
did for the rail. Put our stile slot cutter in. Now it’s going to make the
correct size groove for our plywood to fit into. Reinstall our washer, our bearing, and
our top washer, reinstall the nut, tighten it down, and we’re ready to go. You’ll notice that we can still read the
writing or the markings on the plywood slot color set so we’ll be able to
identify these if we put them away without reinstalling the quarter inch
slot cutters. You’ll also notice the 1/4″ slot
cutters that come standard on the Infinity two-piece rail and stile router
bit sets have no markings on them at all. This is because they’re a standard
1/4″ for both the rail and the stile and they’re interchangeable
between the two bits so there’s no worry of getting them
mixed up. As you can see it’s that easy to get
perfect-fitting plywood flat panel cabinet doors using the Infinity plywood
slot cutter sets for your two-piece rail and stile router bits. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube
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blog where you can read about the projects we make and the tools we use
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  1. I'm in need of an 1 – 1/8" rabbit bit or a 1/4" slot cutter that I can achieve the same depth of cut or even up to 1 – 1/4" depth of cut would be great… What do offer?

  2. bought my triton 31/4 and plate this morning now need to modify my router table fill the opening and recut

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