How to make photo frame
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How to make photo frame

October 4, 2019

To make this photo frame you need: cardboard, glue, scissors, pencil, knife, ruler, paintbrush, pins, colors, paper tubes and a photo. Here the size of photo is 15.5 cm by 9 cm. Width of frame is 3 cm. Take a cardboard and cut 2 pieces of size
20.5 cm by 14 cm. On one cardboard mark 2.5 cm from three sides
and cut the centre. From a thin cardboard cut 2 pieces of size
20.5 cm by 14 cm. Mark 3 cm from all sides and cut the centre. Now we have 4 pieces. Take one of the thin cardboard and paint it
black on one side. To make the stand take another piece of cardboard
and draw two lines at some angle. Cut along these lines. Place it along the diagonal. Mark at the edges and cut at the lines. Flatten the tubes. Take the black cardboard and paste green tubes
on the back. Place something heavy and let it dry. Turnover and bend the tubes at the edge. Weave using red tubes. Over the first and under second, over third and under fourth and so on. Now, weave by alternating the tubes. Under first and over the next, under third, over the next and so on. Similarly, weave on the other side. Cut extra length of tubes. Paste them and use pins to hold them. Apply glue and paste the other cardboard above this. Now paste this piece. Finally, paste the fourth piece. Place something heavy until it dries. Make a very light mark, and bend it backwards. Apply glue on the flap and paste the stand. Now the photo frame is ready. You can keep it like this or decorate it. To make this star, watch this video on
How to make paper stars.

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