How To Make Your Bicycle Frame Look Like New
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How To Make Your Bicycle Frame Look Like New

October 11, 2019

– So we’ve had loads of
requests come in on how to get your bike’s paint
work looking good again. So today we’re gonna do just that. It’s your pride and joy after all. By the time we’re done
with it you’re gonna be the envy of all your riding mates at the caf’. It’s gonna look good. (upbeat music) Now what is essential is that your frame and forks are spotless.
If you’re unsure how to do that there is a link in the description below on how to clean your bike properly. If you’ve got a matte finish
bike what’s really important is to rinse it with cold
water from a hosepipe and then rinse it again and then clean it. The reason being if there’s
any grit at all on the frame when you come to actually
wash it with a sponge you’re gonna get some very, very faint scratches. And that’s not what you want on your bike. (rock music) Now if you’ve got yourself a glossy frame, this on here belongs to
my colleague Tom Last, he designed the paint
work himself you know. I recommend using this,
this is carnauba wax. This is actually from
the leaves of a plant which is found in northeast Brazil. Presumably it’s to help repel the rain which I understand is pretty common there. Now why do we use carnauba
wax? I hear you ask. Well, it’s used in car wax and why? Well, importantly it’s one of the hardest and toughest natural waxes there is and it’s also insoluble or
practically anyway in water. So if it’s good enough for cars I reckon it’s good enough for our bike. (energetic music) Now if you’ve got one of these, a matte or satin type finish on your bike, increasingly popular these days,
don’t use the carnauba wax. The reason being it actually reduces the appearance of the matte finish. And after all you got the matte
finish for a reason right? Now I’ve actually just
spoken to Alistair McLean at Fatcreations who
specialises in bike spraying and he loves the look of matte finishes. He doesn’t enjoy spraying them too much as it involves a whole nother
process from standard jobs and sometimes to get it just
right can take a long time. Now I can testify myself I
own a couple of matte frame and forks and yep, they can be pretty hard to keep clean at times. I can however recommend this thoroughly. WD-40 bike cleaner, it’s
worked wonders on my bikes to get rid of any oil or little blemishes. As well as this, the humble
wet wipe or baby wipe. I know loads of pros who use
this to clean their bikes, their shoes, even their helmet. Highly recommend it. So why
can’t we use carnauba wax on a matte or satin frame finish? Well, you’ve gotta think
about it like this, if you were to look at the
paint work under a microscope it’s full of peaks and troughs. It looks like a mountain range. If you then start
layering on wax or polish basically you’re reducing
that so it looks flat. Really the way that the light reflects off of it is totally different. You’re gonna ruin the matte
finish. It’s not what you want. So how are we actually gonna protect and revitalise your matte paint? Get yourself along to a
decent local bike shop, a decent car accessories shop. What you’re gonna get recommended is actually something in liquid form. The reason being it won’t
fill in those mountain peaks and troughs that I’ve just explained. Instead it’s gonna follow
the contours of the paint and it’s gonna leave your
matte paint work looking good. (upbeat music) Now if you’re building a bike from scratch or you want full protection I recommend having just the frame
and forks to work on. That way you can get
into all the intricacies, all the fine details and
actually give yourself better protection, better
shine, longer lasting. The good news it some products I’ve read have a 12 month lifetime. So all that hard work
is certainly worth it. Now if you’ve not been
able to strip the bike down just to the frame and forks don’t worry although I would recommend
removing your brakes, your chain set, your derailleurs
so you can work the wax or the liquid into all
those nooks and crannies. Then it’s simply a case of
following the instructions on the product, applying
it, and you’re done. (upbeat music) And now to actually stop
any damage of the paintwork I recommend putting on some of these, they’re self adhesive clear patches, they stop any cable rub ideal
to protect that paintwork. You can also get them that
go underneath the down tube that’s good if you’re riding off road. It stops any gravel or stone flicking up and damaging or chipping
away at your paint. (energetic music) Now I think Mr. Tom Last is
gonna be pretty impressed with what I’ve done to his bike here. Not only have I given it good
polish, paintwork gleaming, it’s looking pretty bling too. Now do remember to like and share this video with your friends. And to subscribe to the
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for two more great videos how about how to wash your
helmet? Click just down here. And how to prevent scratches,
click just down here.

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  1. I agree mates, pledge is a wonderful product to use. I have used it for years on my bikes finish looks good. Easy to apply and i and take it along to shine it up before a race, loooks mean n fast

  2. Three words mates: PEDROS BIKE LUST!!!
    And don't spray it on your bike. Spray it on the cloth and just wipe liberally! Cheers.

  3. Both my MTB and road bike has PPF film and coated with Ceramic Pro 9h ceramic coating. Dirt/mud wipes and rinse off so easy.

  4. If you accidentally scratch the paint with the cloth they will show up more if you clean the bike in circles with the cloth. Scratches will be less apparent if you move the cloth horizontally.

  5. Yeah but what about glossy black anodized Duraace 9100. Gots lots of little nicks on the crank arm after 8000 km.

  6. You’re making me nervous using that metal scribe around that beautiful bike, Tom Lasts custom paint, the one he designed himself

  7. as i'm sure others have pointed out you have not polished the bike polishes & waxes are 2 different products
    Polishes remove a ultra fine layer of topcoat or the remnants of your last wax coat to bring the shine back to your paintwork
    Wax is a sacrificial layer that takes the dirt & muc instead of your paint everytime you wash you remove a little bit of wax
    yes you can use car polishes & waxes on gloss paintwork hard wax lasts around 4-6 months liquid 2-4 a spray wax 1 month max
    for matt finishes all you can really do is wash it

  8. Melamine Sponges (like Flash Magic Eraser) are fantastic for cleaning matt frames – especially if you have oily streaks on white paint. Simply add a drop of water and all of the dirt and grease wipes straight off. Spent months failing with all kinds of bike cleaners on my S5 until I discovered Magic Eraser.

  9. Real men with matte frames ride mountain bikes and wash their bikes only during the one second it takes to cross the stream. #torqueback

  10. Hi GCN, thank you for all your shows they are fun and educational. A quick question: Will the wax be of any help in fixing​ the actual fine lines? if not do you have any tip to do that? thank you again.

  11. I'd recommend to use an All In One product which contains a paint cleaner, a glaze or filler ( to hide the tiny scratches or swirls by filling them up ) and a wax or sealant ( i.e. a synthetic more durable waxlike product ). For extra gloss and protection you can top this up with a fine layer of carnaubawax ( apply it with a foampad or with your bare hands instead of a microfibre towel ). After a few years you can bring back the gloss by polishing out the inevitable scratches with a dedicated foam handpad and fine polishing paste. For mat finishes there do exist specific synthetic waxes.

  12. In the video you describe waxing your bike, not polishing. There is still a bit of misunderstanding between the two principles. Polishing restores the surface gloss and waxing protects it. Use a light hand polish every few months and a wax to protect it after polishing, you should find that it’s easier to clean and looks better for longer. Also, from the car industry look for quick detailing sprays, these can be used after each wash to add shine.

  13. Great video but a couple important issues with it! I have been into car/boat detailing for years and just got into bikes.

    In car detailing, carnauba wax is used mostly for shine and not protection so it is put on over a layer or layers, of stronger sealant or synthetic wax. Carnauba has great shine but only lasts maybe 3 months. It can even evaporate off the bike on hot summer days. Synthetic wax may last 6 months and a good sealant may last 12 moths.


  14. Tom Last designed the frame himself but did he pay for it himself?

    I think GCN needs to be a bit more forthright about when manufacturers give you equipment for free to keep when you feature them in the videos.

    I know you click the paid promotion feature when uploading videos, but we never quite know whether you are waxing lyrical about a product because your chuffed with it because the staff have paid for the item out their hard earned dollar or because they are over the moon at being able to keep top end equipment for showing the product to your huge audience here…

    Just my 2 cents.

  15. I don't think anyone I know is into bike cleaning. Most of them have filthy bikes. I have a titanium bike now so I just use a stainless steel polish spray which takes about 10 seconds. Waxing my chain is the hardest part of my bike maintenance. As for getting a painted bike looking new again the automotive products do a great job and are cheaper than the stuff you'll find at the bike outlets.

  16. Paint maintenance on bikes is a topic that I have yet to see a cyclist cover 'correctly'…. I am passionate about car detailing which uses the same method to spray the cars, as is used to spray bikes so its great to use my knowledge from the car industry to keep my bike's looking fresh.
    Firstly a wax is not going to give your bike the best results in terms of a glossy finish. Polishing (not covered in this video) will achieve this which will require nothing more than a decent polish and a clean cloth to work the polish into the paint and remove any small defects. A wax is applied after this process to protect the paint below and repeal any dirt etc which will of course add to the gloss but the polish is the best way to achieve a 'new bike' look. This of course only applies to gloss finishes.
    Carnauba wax is used here which is fine, but is one of the shortest lasting products you could use. A better option would be a synthetic wax which will fair much better when faced with the many washes a bike will receive. I would love to see a good video done on how to keep a bike looking like new. I struggle to contemplate why cyclists spend money on specific 'Bike cleaner' to wash their bikes when a decent car shampoo which is half the price will do the exact same thing (if not better) for cleaning frames and wheels. A less aggressive car shampoo will also slow down the gradual removal of your protective product used on the frame compared to a aggressive bike cleaner.
    I would LOVE for you guys to read this and take a few points on board, you have the power to easily influence cycling enthusiasts and help them make better decisions for their wallets and their bikes when it comes to paint care. Thanks for reading 🙂 
    Much Love!

  17. 3:04 You forgot to mention what it is called. Just said that local car repair shop would recommended something in liquid form.

  18. help!!! what if u already have smudges on your matte frame, what is the best way to remove or make them look new again??

  19. This is very useful, I used to have a Trek Emonda S5, Matte finish black, annd since was my first carbon frame bike, to keep it clean I tend to clean it a lot, and a the end I used spray silicon, and I f**cked it all, now that bike shines like the best Project One glossy bike.

  20. hey guys! awesome! ordered what I need for my Canyon Matte to make her look sexy! – I too have a VaMoots RSL and she is Ti and Carbon Fork. so what do I use to clean Titanium?
    thanks for your videos!

  21. Dont ever use wd40 cleaner on painted material – few years ago I did that on my cube road bike – it destroyed the matte paint – guy from bike shop also said that it's the good thing to do – right. In next few days your paint will start to peal on some spots where you forgot to wash it with a "tons" of water. Worst advice ever. Good thing nitro was not mentioned or petrol for cleaning the matte bike frame. You could say adio to the whole paint, because nowdays powder coat that was added to bikes is very exposed to damages and very fast you get a lot of small scratches from dust and rocks. wd40 is good for clean steel frames to protect them from rust before painting, if bike would not be painted right away. you can use light clear coat on matte paint that will not add a gloss but will protect the paint. For those frames that are glossy, and have already protective coating, you can use the wax from a video.

  22. I use wd40 but it doesn’t look 100% any other cheap things other than wax ? I was thinking to use metal polish for house use or something

  23. I got a MATE finish bike. And I f… hate it… I just can't get the oily stuff off the frame fuuuu…. Any suggestions (save my from my suffering) 😭

  24. Nope! As a car painter most you said is false besides painting matt is a pain, matt is just an additive to normal paint to make it dull off. Just getting it even is the nightmare.
    Polish wise clean it with dish washing detergent to strip off old polish, clean with wax remover. Then buy a good ceramic Polish, good for 3yrs and doesn't scratch.
    Your welcome!!!

  25. Step 1 get a Poland sticker online
    Step 2 stick on your bike
    Step 3 Dada! Congrats,your bike is now polish!JK greetings from Poland

  26. Sorry but the bit on MATTE frames didnt answer anything much. Some spray on……… what. I've friggin Merckx with matte white and its enough to have me ditch the frame. Always holds every mark. POS

  27. I expected this to be a april fools video. Dont do this and definitely dont use a microfibre cloth to clean your bike

  28. I've managed to get lube from the chain on the matte frame and it seems to be stained. Any tips on getting stubborn, long stained marks off my frame? I've tried a few things now. I'll try baby wipes next

  29. Hi do you have a video for clear wrap as opposed to polish obviously on a xery clean or new bike. love the show

  30. But what if my bike frame has Gloss and Matt at the same time? I mean literally, Gloss paint with Matt decorations…

  31. Car waxes for glossy paint have evolved from wax (as used in the video), to synthetic paint sealants to ceramic coatings. Each is said to last longer than the previous, with ceramic coatings claimed to last the longest (as in years).

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