How to nail your shot composition | #7Steps
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How to nail your shot composition | #7Steps

October 17, 2019

– What is shot composition, you ask? Think of a composer of shots. You still confused? Well, me too. Whatever shot composition
is, I hear it’s important. So here are three great tips to ensure that your shot composition is on point. Number one, generally
position your subject in the middle of frame. I understand that everyone wants to be creative with their shots, but you also want your video to look good. Although, if you’re a rule breaker, then feel free to position your subject a little bit to the right or left with their shoulders facing
inwards towards the camera. Number two, proportion. When you are framing your shot, make sure you film your
subject from the waist up, ensuring that their hands are visible. And don’t leave too much head room as this will look a little odd, but at the same time
don’t give them a haircut by not leaving them enough. Number three, distractions. There’s nothing worse than
getting an amazing take and then realising your mates walked into the background of your shot. So make sure when you’re
setting up the shot, you remove all visible
distractions behind your subject such as mess, plant head,
colour fail, and so on. You now have all the tools you
need to compose great shots. But feel free to scroll down below if you want a more in-depth
breakdown of these tips. Thanks for watching, guys.

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