How To Paint a Window Frame – Step by Step – Top Tips!
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How To Paint a Window Frame – Step by Step – Top Tips!

October 17, 2019

As a general contractor, one of the easiest
ways to update the exterior of your home is with black paint by simply painting these
old vinyl windows or aluminum I’ll show you how can transform your windows from this to
this. And I’ll even show you the tips that some
people don’t do to make your finish last for years. I’m using a two-inch sash brush slightly angled. If you want to use a 2 1/2″ that is also good. I’m just going to start at the top, get a
little bit of primer on there and go. Now you are seeing my streaks a little bit
which is actually ok for the primer coat cause this is a smooth surface. I’m going to lightly sand it and I’ll use
a smooth roller so that we don’t see any streaks. But right now I just want really, really good
coverage. And if you just take the time to do these
steps, get in the groove there, a little extra paint, push it in you’ll get a really good
look and it will weather really well. And another reason why I’m not using a paint
and primer in one is I really don’t know if this surface properly primed so I usually
like to prime separately. Especially, for something like this. And, we’ll just let that dry and then we are
onto paint. I’m just going with a black, flat latex paint. If you want something that’s a little easier
to clean you can go with a semi-gloss. Time to paint. Let’s do this! Starting at the top. Now sometimes when you are trying to get into
these grooves here to get your paint in there you are actually going to bleed over onto
your window. You just don’t want to have any globs so you
can do some light feathering like this and then that’s going to buy you a little time. If you ever get a little too much paint on
your window just feather it. The same with your trim and that way it will
blend in when it is time to go over and paint. Now we’ll just go over that starting at the
top corner and we’ll just start painting our vinyl window here or if you have a PVC window. And, we want to get it in to the grooves here
into all your runners where your window is. And you can always go over with longer strokes
after you get the paint in there. It’s a lot easier if you don’t glob your paint
on that’s for sure. And give it a little wiggle when you get into
the corner. And don’t be afraid if it’s not absolutely
covering it’s better to have a little bit less and just go over with a second coat but
you don’t really want it exceptionally heavy. It’s better if you just do two really nice
coats instead of doing it all at once. And that tape is proving really quite handy. I’m just going to go over it like this. We are getting really good coverage. And, I’m going to have a nice finished line
when I am done. And don’t forget to look at the window on
the side. You actually want to get into the groove here,
your sliding track, just on the side. It’s a little tricky so you just want to look
on the side and get a little bit of paint in there. To make it smooth you can just go over this. Actually doing a really good job of rid of
all of these brush strokes. There we go. Can you see that? Yes. Oh, great! And this is only our first coat so, happy
with this. First coat done, while that first coat dries
I have a little tip here for you. Just put a little extra paint in your plastic
bag or grocery bag. Twist it up and then your brush is good to
go, all ready to go for your second coat of paint. With our first coat dry I’m going to lightly
sand the window and then get on to our second coat of paint. Our final coat. If you don’t sand you’re not a really good
adhesion and we want our primer and paint to last. And we’re done now all I have to do is remove
the tape starting from the top all the way down. And, pull the tape gently and I like to do
this while the paint is still wet cause then I get a nice crisp edge if you leave the paint
to dry you are actually going to chip the paint. So do it when it’s wet. Really nice, look at how much better that
is. and you know what if I have a couple touch ups to make that’s ok I’m just going to go
over and do a little touch up with a little tiny paint brush but it’s looking really good
it’s coming out really nicely. There we go. Nice, crisp edge certainly a lot better than
the previous job. Look at that! This is how not to do it and this is how to
do it. And just remove it so that my seal is nice
and clean. I don’t want to get any paint on that seal. Oh, that’s looking way better hey? Looks awesome!

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  2. It's always better to use acrylic paint for plastic surfaces, especially outside. Latex paint will more easily peel.

  3. Painting vinyl windows isn't about if a product will adhere to it, the real question is "does it void the manufacturers warranty?" Likely YES. Most manufactures will void the frame warranty if the windows are painted with a dark paint with LRV (light reflectance value) of 56% or less. These are colors that absorb more heat than reflect it. This certainly rules out painting vinyl windows with architectural bronze as this video shows. Don't expect your painter or contractor to look out for your best interest. They usually will do what you ask for good customer service. These windows will be warped within 5 years. How do I know? I've been there. My windows on the north side of the house are fine, hey never receive full sun.

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