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How To Paint Window Frames – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

October 14, 2019

Gary: Aluminium window frames will pretty
much last a lifetime. But if you wanna change the color of your
room and the feel of your room, you might wanna change the color of those window frames
as well. I’m gonna show you how to do that using spray
paint. It’s quick and it’s easy and it’ll do away
with all those annoying brush strokes. The tools and equipment we’re going to need
for this job are: a cordless screwdriver or a hand screwdriver, a safety knife, either
a ram board or a drop sheet to protect our floral carpet, of course our paint, our primer
and our top coat, and a rag for cleaning, masking tape to mask off the glass to keep
the paint off the glass, and of course our safety equipment. So of course we need to remove all our window
fittings and our fixtures, so let’s get into that. Because we need a dust-free surface when we’re
going to paint, we’re gonna thoroughly clean the frame, inside and out. Now it’s time to mask off the areas that we
don’t want paint on, and of course to cover our floors with our drop sheet so that we
don’t get paint on them. Use a good quality painter’s tape to protect
the surfaces that you don’t want to get paint on. Once you’ve done your initial masking off,
a great little tip is to use just plain, household hand towel to create an apron to protect your
reveals. The paper towel is just for over-spray, but
just make sure you don’t saturate it, otherwise it will penetrate through. Now I’m just gonna cover all the reveals. Once you’ve done your reveals, it’s time to
tape off your windows. When you’re using masking tape, it’s a good
idea to tear off arm-length pieces and apply it in small pieces. This allows us to get the tape nice and close
to our window frame. Preparation is key. It’ll take some time, but it’ll be time saved
later cleaning up. These window frames haven’t been painted before,
so we’re going to use an etch primer before we paint, that will help the paint to hold
on to that smooth surface. When you’re spray painting, always remember
to use your respirator mask to protect your airways and also your gloves to protect your
hands, and eyeglasses to protect your eyes. When you’re using a can of spray paint, you
need to hold it between 10 and 25 centimeters from the surface you’re painting. And it’s much better to do multiple, fine,
thin coats rather than doing one heavy coat to avoid getting runs. For optimum results, follow the instructions
on the can to make sure that your primer is good and dry before you start applying your
topcoat. Make sure you give the can a good shake to
mix it thoroughly before applying your topcoat. This paint comes in a variety of colors. I’ve chosen a gloss fishpond to blend in with
the color of the room. Drying time between coats is 20 minutes. Depending on how it’s covering, you might
need to do up to three coats to get good coverage. Before the paint is really dry, it’s time
to take off our masking tape. And if we’ve done a really good job, there
won’t be much cleaning up to do. Now the
job’s done. That’s how you spray paint a window frame. And as you can see, it blends in so beautifully
with the room around it. Chorus: Bunnings Warehouse.

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